8/22/04 - This site has not been updated for a couple of years, so don't be confused about the present tense. Ukiah HOURS never got started, not because it wasn't a great idea, but only because the people energy ran out at the time. A lot of great prep work was done and anyone interested in using our materials, computer applications, etc. can contact Dale at dglaser@pacific.net.

Welcome to Ukiah HOURS

Ukiah HOURS is a local project which is developing a community-based, local currency for the Ukiah economic trading region (Potter Valley to Hopland). Part of a world-wide movement which includes over 60 regions in the U.S., local currency helps stimulate economic activity by keeping resources circulating locally.

Ukiah HOURS is being developed by a steering committee that plans to have the program in full operation early in 2000. We have designed (but not yet printed) the currency, set up a computer database, created this web site with contains an up-to-date HOURS directory, and developed promotion literature. We are currently recruiting members and beginning work on the HOUR Town directory and newspaper.

Once in operation, monthly community pot-luck meetings will be held where all members can share in community and participate in the operation of Ukiah HOURS.

We are continually updating this web site. You can always return here to find out the lastest about this exciting project. Please sign up. The sooner people and businesses sign up, the quicker we can begin using our own currency, and the quicker the range of services will expand!

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About the Design of Ukiah HOURS currency

We Are Designing Ukiah HOURS Currency Using Local Historical Photos.

Minnie Grace Smith, seated at Ukiah's 1897 telephone switchboard.
Miss Smith was its first agent-operator.


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