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Responses to the Minority Report

Joe Louis Wildman


A good read.  Very diplomatic, which will be lost on those you are being diplomatic about, but which will put you in good standing with those who are not embroiled in this stuff. 

BTW – I am a centrist regarding operations and an egalitarian about policy.  The problem seems to be that the KZYX centrists take the broadest view of what falls under the heading of operations and the narrow view about what falls under the heading of policy.  The station would benefit from reversing that bias.  Part of the board’s policy role and obligation involves seeing that operations conform to policy.  Oversight and monitoring are parts of the policy role and are a board responsibility.  The board should not micro-manage, but it should macro-manage.  In avoiding micro-management and in avoiding over reaching by the board, KZYX has thrown the baby out with the bath water.

Good luck with your efforts.  You would drive me crazy if I was on the staff or on the board, but that would not be such a bad thing.  As a member/listener I appreciate your efforts.  Keep pushing, but please don’t let it dominate the business of the board.  Remember – Fundraising – FUNDRAISING – FUNDRAISING!


Joe Louis Wildman

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