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Responses to the Minority Report

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Harold Enns
KZYX Member

March 19, 2005

From Harold Enns


RE: Your “Minority Report” from “The Secret Life of KZYX”

I have read with some interest [and considerable bafflement] the
material you posted on <> presumably reflecting your recent experience on the Board of KZYX & Z.

I say bafflement because it is so hard to tread among your many
‘excerpts’. Frankly, the excerpts are so selective and declamatory ––
rather like Fox’s “fair and balanced” –– that it is quite difficult to
find the facts on which you base your sweeping statements. Indeed,
many come across as ad hominem attacks, and your “issues” have the
quality of straw men –– unfortunate, because KZYX does face pressing

Now, before you toss aside my comments as bourgeois or (your term)
“centrist”, let me say that I bow to no one with my hard-earned
progressive/liberal/”egalitarian” credentials –– including being listed
by the Dies un-American Activities Committee years ago, and service as
volunteer, executive, board member of numerous NGO’s, national and
international –– and, yes, as vice president [health-politics-pr
portfolio] of a very large international corporation.

Actually, I appreciate the initiative and energy you show. I am
saddened, however, to see your time and effort being squandered,
quixotic-like, when so much needs to be done to strengthen and support
KZYX and other alternative media resources.

We do need to reach out to each other, in an egalitarian and democratic
spirit. But we must try, at least, to acknowledge that there are other
ways than the one we might conceive –– truly, it is not your way or the
highway. That’s the totalitarian way, the Bush/Cheney fundamentalist


Howard Enns

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March 20, 2005

Dear Howard Ennes,

Thanks for your response.

The web presentation is incomplete, and it will be awhile before I get
it all up there. I thought it would do for a glimpse, but you probably
have a point about it being too sketchy. Would you like to have a
hard copy? That would by minus one small part, "staff attitude" that
is under review-mediation and which I am not distributing beyond staff
and board.

Or if you would take up one of the "issues" and ask for more detail
then I would be happy to provide that. I can assure you that for every
fact I included their are half a dozen more that I cold have provided.
The minutes and email are full of them and I have a good recollection
of them.

I think I have become rather an expert at reading ad hominem attacks,
as that is practically the only response I've gotten from some board
members and staff. Ad hominem implies that the attitude or action
action cited is not relevant to the subject being discussed. Can you
give some examples of that in my writing. Really. I'm interested.

Quixotic? That would imply an impractical goal. I would ask you to keep
in mind that the primary purpose, aside from establishing an
"egalitarian" point of view, is to stimulate and maintain a dialog with
members, and to establish permanent and effective means of
communication between board and members: regular, honest reports to
members or a member-board call-in show, for example. After a year of
effort by a few of us, there was supposed to be such a show on
Wednesday evening (March 16), but it was called off? By whom and for
what reason? Sorry, it's one of those things the board doesn't like to
talk about, but I'll tell you if you want to know. It would be another
one of those anecdotes that shows how almost anything will do as an
excuse not to talk directly with the public.

Thanks again for writing. I hope you have time to respond to this with
a few specific questions that I can answer in kind.

King Collins

P.S. A full copy of the Secret Life of KZYX is now available for downloard:

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