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Responses to the Minority Report
From Jan Wax, Janie Rezner, Greg Krouse

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Jan Wax
KZYX Programmer: Classical Music

From: Jan Wax <>
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: The King reaction

Dear Janie and all,
I think it's important to be able to say what we, the programmers, feel about KZYX business in this forum. I DON'T feel that
it is professional to involve the listenership. I'm sure that the majority of listeners just want to hear quality radio -  period.
My reaction to King Collins's "Secret Life of KZYX" was explosive and honest. Someone objected to my use of "egotist" -  but what else can you call it when someone claims to know who and what we are and labels us as such? (i.e. egalitarian vs centrist). I resent being categorized. And, can ANYONE with the money write and print their own version of "The Secret Life of KZYX" and expect to be able to send it out to our membership under the aegis of KZYX?
It's also important to present  a historical perspective regarding ongoing problems with individuals. There are conflicts that never seem to die. Should anyone who wants a program expect to be allowed to have one - or do we have a program director on staff for a reason?
If someone loses his or her program for whatever reason, does that person have the right to repeatedly re-introduce the conflict, and their complaint, year after year, enlisting the support of any other disaffected programmers, board members, etc. and taking precious time away from other issues? 
I want to see a stronger board that takes an active interest in fund-raising so that KZYX can  operate at a higher level. Our equipment should be in good condition. Our staff should be adequately paid - and supported.

At least we are talking now.

Jan Wax

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Janie Rezner
KZYX Programmer: "Womens Voices"

From Janie Rezner
Saturday, February 19, 2005 8:18 PM

Re. The King reaction

Dear Greg,

...I do agree is inappropriate to  name-call  and nastily characterize someone behind their back in a public forum such as this, or anyplace for that matter, without their having a chance to speak for themselves.   I find that  in poor taste and disturbing.

I also think there is a hell of a lot going on these days in any area you want to look--and it seems to be here too. I was glad to read Tony's e-mail to King Collins (who I know not at all). I was at that board meeting. There is a lot going on at the station, and I want to be informed. King's essay,  (which I haven't read ) didn't fall out of the sky. There is a split; evidenced by some of the responses on this list serve. As Lynda, or maybe it was Alicia,  suggested, instead of putting people down, it might be good to get some dialogue going. Perhaps Kings' essay, whether we agree with it or what to do with it, is serving as a catalyst to get this started--loosen things up a little bit.

I welcome some "shaking up" of form. I think many of us  have   outgrown hierarchal structure--and seek more egalitarian ways of relating and working with each other in our lives and at KZYX . . . . .our very precious radio station. Disagreement certainly comes up--and to be able to work with it constructively and skillfully, hearing people out, allowing  something new to emerge, is key.....


Janie Rezner
Programmer on Women's Voices

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Greg Krouse
KZYX Programmer: "Ecology Hour"

From: Greg Krouse <>
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 6:35 PM

Subject: The King reaction


....I will probably offend some friends from saying the following, but I think it is bad form to put this sort of stuff on this list. It is clearly damaging to King, which he may or may not deserve. I am sorry, Steve, I disagree with your logic around this. We have policy around one sided stuff that we must do on the air.

I thank those who responded with clarification of what started this. It is just as unfair to use this public space as it is to use the radio to rally for a candidate. I recommend that we have a policy around this, if we don't already.

As I understand, what happens at the board is not supposed to get here, unless it is a directive, which would come via Mary. Can the board members review this and clarify it for one another so it does not happen again. I am hoping that as many programmers can look into this text and not respond here although I understand the initial need to.

Greg Krouse

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