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Responses to the KZYX Minority Report


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On Feb 21, 2005,,
From WDan "wdanlor" <>

Hello, I'm W.Dan, a programmer. Thanks for the e-mail. My first thought, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but my first thought was "Gee, what a fucking pretentious asshole!" My following thoughts were right in line with the first. It has nothing to do with the content of your pamphlet but with the manner by which it was thrust into my lap. I have read it and had I been asked my opinion on it in a timely manner I would have gladly given it, possibly without a trace of sarcasm nor contempt and even without profanity but alas the issue has become Spam. You see I am assaulted daily by uninvited pleas to enlarge my bank account, my health, my I.Q. and dick. Daily the postal service drops off a small forest in my mailbox, all of which I did not ask for. I don't care if it is Luther's fucking precepts nailed to my cathedral door, if I didn't ask for it, I don't want it. That is my problem with you Mr.Collins, you seem to think that you have written some god-damned, solve-it-all tome that "if folks would just read, it would change everything!" (editors note: cue chirping birds, rainbow and gaily laughing children here.) And you want to mail it to everyone so everyone will see what a visionary you are and we will all fall at your feet and hail you the great egalitarian savior. Your throwing this out for debate too late. You could have brought this out months ago but no, right before an election and fund-drive is a perfect time for you to throw your little self-serving tantrum. You are a narcissistic little shit-head.

Now if you had paid for a bit of underwriting and offered this, your vision of the station and that you were asking to start a dialogue with other members about it, I would have been one of your first callers. Hell, a psa would have worked. I might have even volunteered to be in an action group to debate these ideas and see what could be done to make change.  No doubt you are going to say that you had been doing that at board meetings, and so!?! Just because no one listened to you there does that mean you have to force this on me via the membership list? Pull back, stop forcing this mailing issue and I will be happy to tell you what I think of what you have written but until then you are just wasting time and money, neither of which this station has an excess of. Hire your own secretaries, stuff your own envelopes and before all that ask if we are interested in getting it! I am telling all my friends to vote for anyone but you, how does it feel to be in George Bush's shoes? Here's a question for you, do I have the right to use my show to campaign against you? No, because my show is not the place for it and neither is our membership list your place to vent.

Sincerely yours

aka Instigator One

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Dear WDan, aka Instigator,

I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Very concise.

I'll pass it around so folks will understand me better.



* * *

WDan responds:

Rude is forcing this issue. Put it in the public forum for debate but do not make the station take the time, effort and money to do it for you. If I get to be a board member do I get to write out a manifesto and send it to everyone? Should everyone with a grievance have access to that mailing list? Over-the-top is forcing the stations back to the wall. Wait, I know, we could sell the mailing list to make money for the station! Now that will truly endear our listeners to us!

I find it interesting that you want to criticize my use of the language but you do not want to take issue with what I've said. So why not pay for some underwriting and ask the membership to request this holy writ? You could get prime spot. I promise not to laugh or comment in any way when I read it. Why are you so arrogant as to assume that just because it was written it has to be sent out to the membership? You true believers just don't understand how we the unwashed can not follow your glory path can you?

Your meaningless platitudes mean so much to me.


* * *

WDan,and staff,

I think I see your points.

I am pushy. I agree. I apologize. Really. But look at it from another side. Consider that others, not just me, have been trying to bring about constructive changes for a long time and we have been blocked and thwarted in those efforts. After that happens over and over, some people just give up and go away.

I decided to get pushy. Maybe a better psychologist, a new age PC kind of person with a gentle manner, could adopt just the right positive, loving, constructive style. I can't seem to do that. Could you?

I believe you are also saying that I presented this in a way that made it hard to respond. And I think I agree. What I presented was a draft, and I asked for responses and criticism and promised to make changes. Still it is difficult because it appeared suddenly, and I gave the impression that I was going to publish soon. 

But think of it from the other side, Do you think it's easy to write something like this? It's not. It's time-consuming and it's hard. I am not just tossing out words that pop into my head. It takes a lot of care just to get the basic facts right. And I assure you, when I write something, I want it to be factually correct. It would be a lot easier otherwise.

The election? I can tell you, for sure, that the election and the pledge drive were not factors when I started writing about two months ago. It did have to do with my term ending, though. When folks asked me if I was running again, I told them I wasn't. I felt frustrated and unappreciated. It wasn't just a matter of losing to the majority. I could send you a pile of email to show you the nasty stuff that was said to me and about my efforts, and the efforts of others including Zac and Lynda. As for what we were trying to do, that is well covered in the draft I gave you and the staff.

So I thought, given the short time and what was going on at the station, the best thing would be to produce a frank report and pass it around. I thought that if I provided it first to the board and staff, I would give everyone a chance to challenge it, I was tired of Tony and johanna and Mary (and whoever else) making decisions and excluding me and others from the decision making process. If you think I'm exaggerating, or mistaken, I invite you to look at the some of the nasty email and the nasty little skirmishes. Maybe you aren't aware of this stuff. Maybe you don't care.

Why send it to the members? Well, to start with, the idea is to actually get in contact with the membership, and to stay in contact. The board and staff need it.

Also, it's not too late for board and staff to discuss these things together. I am quite willing to remove some material, like the comments about staff attitude, but not unless the validity of those things is recognized.


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