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Responses to the Minority Report

Jim Tarbell

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Jim Tarbell included a valuable piece that fills covers KYXX events from 1991 to 1996 when he served on the board. In this history, he covers a lot of important events, including the establisment of the satellite studio in Mendocino and Ukiah. Thanks Jim!

Hi King Collins

Thanks for your work at KZYX. I served on the KZYX Board for five years in the early '90s. At the end of that experience I wrote a history of the developing governing culture at KZYX in response to a newspaper article. It may illuminate the origins of the decision making processes you see today. I will attach it for you. It seems that rather than having your report included in the ballot packet, you could just refer to your webpage in your candidate's statement. Otherwise, I can see that all candidates may want the same consideration that you want which would no doubt be overwhelming for the membership.

As I read your excerpts it appears that you are mainly talking about changing the board arrangements which is purely a board matter, but no doubt of interest to a wider audience. As you can tell from the attached history, my experience over the years is that station decisions are made within the station culture and are rarely made unilaterally.

As you point out, KZYX is set up to be run by the listeners through the Board elections. It seems that the listenership has effectively expressed it wishes through the years in the electoral outcome. This is particularly apparent when various dissident voices have run for the board and either been elected or not as the voting members deem appropriate. Any other claim to speak for the listeners must be viewed with skepticism.

Of course what makes the listenership of KZYX so interesting is that KZYX is the only public radio station within the listening area. This means that the station has to provide for the whole range of programming sought by the broad public radio audience. From my point of view, this is a positive aspect of the station in that it allows for the possibility that different interest groups may be tuning in to programs they may not usually hear, which means that we are not necessarily preaching to the choir

I hope this is of some value to you and let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Tarbell

See also KZYX Hisotry, 1991-1996

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