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Responses to the Minority Report

Chris Skyhawk

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005.

As a long-time programmer and volunteer with the station I will say that if Jane should be elected I would look forward to working with her and I am sure that the relationship will be amicable. I agree with much of Kate's assessment of her. But I will be voting for King Collins, here are some reasons why.

I realize that King has been a figure of great controversy recently. While I do not mean to endorse all that he has said or done (I do not, and he is aware of that), his work has been very important in opening up dialogue about the station, its policies, and its procedures. I know for a fact that King has been a very hard-working board member. None have been stronger than him in advocacy for a satellite studio in Ukiah. King has been a strong and persistent advocate for more democratic participation in the policies and procedures at the station. I, too, am an excellent team player, but there are instances in the past where the process has not been very open to members or even programmers. King has been very vocal and persistent in much of his advocacy on issues. I think that he is a team player, he is trying to enlarge the team. I am not trying to knock individual staff or board members on this, it is just that KZYX has not had institutions that handle listener/member/programmer input in a quantifiable and understandable way. That process is beginning, and I hope that people will allow him to continue his work.

As I said, I do not endorse all of King's recent activity, but I will say this- when he filed his recent report, it set off a lot of things. There were many issues of contention that lay just under the surface of the station. There has been a lot of controversy between members, programmers, and staff regarding Kings activities. What I have seen in recent weeks has been an amazing thing- the discussion has shifted from King to an actual discussion about KZYX. People that have disagreements with each other have been voicing them, sometimes at first with hostility, but what has been happening is that people are hanging in there with each other, starting to discuss things, looking at what new institutions might look like. Compromising, discussing, imagining.  King might lose this election, but he has performed a valuable service to the station.

Regarding King's demeanor, I have seen him work respectfully and amicably even with people with whom he has great differences. At our recent programmer meeting he was very diplomatic and clearly made himself available for personal discussion.

Regarding the female/male balance on the board- King can not help his gender. I would hope that people might remember Susan Massini, our former DA, who repeatedly  looked the other way when violence was committed against non-violent protesters in our county, and whose prosecution of the poor, including Native Americans and Mexicans, was hardly gentle. I remember that a lot of women and men voted for Susan in part on the basis of her gender. I am in no way comparing Jane to Massini, but please remember that gender voting can be a slippery slope.

I thank you for your time.

                                                             Chris Skyhawk
P.O. Box 127
                                                             Albion Ca. 95410

[Note: Chris Skyhawk was responding, in part, to the following letter]

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Kate endorses Jane. Below is a letter from Kate Marianchild, an endorsement of my opponent, Jane Futcher, which Kate sent to various listservs and local papers. My feelings were hurt, cause. . . More about Kate.]

From: Kate Marianchild
March 03, 2005

Jane Futcher for KZYX board.
Please vote!

By Kate Marianchild

For those of you who didn't hear last Thursday night's KZYX candidates' forum, Jane Futcher, who is running against King Collins for the inland seat, seems to be a very thoughtful, fair-minded team player. Coast people, please pay attention to this, because you get to vote for one inland candidate

My impression, from emailing back and forth with her and hearing her talk, is that Jane would bring a unifying, harmonious feeling to the Board with good politics. I think she would support greater member input. She has a lot of time to give, which is important, and would be good with follow-through, accountability, details, time commitments, and fund-raising. She said her favorite program is Democracy Now.

She has an understanding of the pressures on the staff, and has already established some rapport with them. I think that if another Ukiah Satellite Studio effort were mounted from within the membership, with Jane as the head of the committee, it would be acted on by the staff.

If she were elected there would also be a more favorable female/male balance on the Board.

Kate Marianchild

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