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Responses to the Minority Report

Tony Miksak
KZYX Board President

Tony read a statement on-air regarding the Minority Report. Just before he read the statement, he was asked if there was anything in it that misrepresented him or anybody else. What do you suppose Tony Miksak's response was? (Phototoon: Miksak's advice to George Bush)

More recently, in response to the announcement of the forum, Tony had these thoughts:

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From Tony Miksak
March 9, 2005

Hello Ukiah People and others,

Looking at King's writings on his web site, I am listed as "responding" to
his various documents.

I have not responded, and should not be listed as having done so. The quote King has for me (if you click my name "Tony Miksak" on his blog site) is a quote from a resolution the board passed. I was designated to read the statement. The meaning of the board statement is that while King has a right to say and publish anything, he has no right to say or leave the
implication that his writings in any way reflect board thinking, or board policy, or the opinions of any official aspect of the station.

Since I have not responded to King's writings, I should not be listed on his site as having done so.

The board photo King is using to headline his work on his web pages is misleading. At the time it was taken board members King Collins and Zac
Zachary had lost the board election several weeks earlier. Yet the photo is headlined "Who's Who on the Board." This is deliberately misleading. The text below, saying some individuals are "out" and others are "in" does not clarify this. The photo was taken to celebrate new and former and current board members. It was not intended to give the impression that King Collins is associated with the current board. He is not.

It 's very frustrating to be personally misrepresented on someone else's blog, and just as frustrating when the organization I love and work for ismisrepresented. There's no way I can directly correct King's mistakes or
misstatements. My hope is that the author will immediately do so. I don't want my name anywhere on King's web pages; if it must be there, at least my name should be there because it's something King said about me. I have nothing to say that I want posted there.

Thanks, Tony

Tony Miksak
Pres, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting
Owner, Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle's Children's Books
Celebrating 25 Years of Community Bookselling
Read "Words on Books" at

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