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Responses to the Minority Report
"The Secret Life Of KZYX"

Mike Grady
KZYX Board Member 2005-2008

One of the most controversial questions before the board is whether a member shall be allowed to send a written piece, like the Minority Report, to other members. I discussed the matter with Mr. Grady briefly (See conversaton with Grady). He said that he disagreed with the report but thought I deserved as answer about he mailing issue. Regarding the content of the Minority Report, he had his to say:

From Mike Grady
June 7, 2005

I feel that a mailing of the Secret Life (Minority Report) to the membership would be damaging to the station and also to intelligent liberal thoghtt in the community.

* * *

This is an extraordinary statement, Mike. To think that a pamphlet could be so subversive that to merely make it available to the membership would be harmful to the station (for some reason) AND "damaging to intelligent liberal thought."

Is liberal thought really so fragile? Consider this Mike: The suppression of discussion, in this case the suppression of a report written for the membership, is against right of free speech.

Isn't this denial of free speech, whih is a fundamental liberal concept, even more "damaging to intelligent liberal thought?"

King Collins
June, 2005

* * *