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Responses to the Minority Report

Robert Crawford
Board Member 2003-2006

* * *

Tune "Shelter from the Storm"

"A sociologial artifact"
(See comments below.)

A tale about our radio
I hesitate to tell.
How some would rise to Paradise
while others sink to Hell

Some bloom like flowers sweet perfume,
some raise an awful smell
The first I speak of proudly,
the others bode not well.

Some learn the rules of etiquette,
grease the skids of protocol
Be it difficult or tedious,
they're working for us all;

No need to tout their attitudes,
with rude ways make us fall,
No need for skulking cowardice,
agendas bull and gall.

But one waves laws beneath your nose,
their meaning he don't know.
Another pamphleteers to bring
suspicion, doubt and woe.

Some chide and bitch and criticize,
to those who work say "no,"
One wraps the flag around his rags,
as loudly he does blow.

A gout of good intentions,
and passion never cools;
Unworkable conventions,
like rusty broken tools,

Like frozen blast, a twisted past,
tries to replace our rules,
Mistaking this for progress
would make us bloody fools.

The way to fix the problem's
in the air and all about.
To feed the weeds there is no need,
it's time to root 'em out.

Beware our Board elections,
if it's negative you shout--
The sneeze you called a breeze has failed,
Our ship's coming about!

Gus W. Who
(Robert Crawford)

* * *

[This remarkable work is a sociological artifact: the only known response to the KZYX Minority Report from the Centrist majority. It should be carefully examined. In view of its historical importance, I have asked Robert to make a CD to be deposited in our archives. KC]

* * *