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Responses to the Minority Report

King Collins
Letter to Programmers

Feb. 20, 2005

Dear programmers,

Thanks to those of you who have contacted me (responses). The encouraging words are much appreciated.

Actually I have not received much negative feedback on my piece. Board president, Tony Miksak, says he hasn't read it (Implausible deniability?) but nonetheless knows it is going in the wrong direction. Nothing yet from staff, and I have only heard rumors about what is discussed on the Progrmmers listserv.

Very positive feedback from my friends, except from Lynda McClure, who says she agrees with most of it but doesn't like being labeled, even as an "egalitarian." And, she thinks I'm arrogant for expecting other board members to read it. That astonishes me. I thought that was part of our responsibility as board members, or even as a public persons of any kind. So that attitude from Lynda hurts my feelings.

I am ready to publish the pamphlet, and could do so pretty quickly, within days, using the local Ben Franklin at a cost of only 600 dollars for 5000 copies, printed on newsprint and weighing only one ounce. (Loretta's note about excessive mailing costs was based on the weight of draft 1, which was a bulky 16 page document). If the printed document is included with the ballot statements it would cost me less than if I have to mail it separately. And, the content of the report is obviously appropriate for election time.

The legal question has to do with whether I, or any subscribing member, have an enforceable (legal) right to communicate with other members. To me this is a no-brainer in a community radio station whose "programming and operational philosophy is controlled by its membership." (KZYX/Z Mission Statement).

I've committed to paying for the printing, myself, if I have to. Circulating the drafts and outline gives me some idea of what needs to change, and I am doing that.

I don't plan to give out the whole document before it is printed, Those who are mostly just curious can wait until everyone has it in hand. If it isn't mailed with the ballots, it will be an interesting challenge to get it distributed widely enough to reach most of the members. [Note, I have releassed "Draft 2" of the Minority Repot]

. . . . The web site ( contains a more comprehensive presentation on the subject since it went up a few days ago. It now has a full table of contents, an annotated list of "major board issues" as well as a section comparing Centrist and Egalitarian principles. I will continue to add material every day as I have time.

I will respond positively to requests for specific sections, I will also send complete drafts to anyone who wants to help with the work of final editing and distribution.

Also, I hope it will not be called a "manifesto" or especially "King's manifesto." I never called it that, It is a report to the members about the state of the station. And it's based on the work and beliefs of several members of the board, not just mine.

It will also contain a brief opinion survey of the members on some basic questions. Like: Do you (member) want to keep the centrally controlled organization we have now or would you prefer a member-directed, democratic cooperative? How to actually ask that question, or series of questions is a major concern of mine. I hope to have some help with that.

I believe the web presentation shows well enough that the purpose is to bring about the member control promised in our mission statement.

It is not a candidate's statement. I've done one of those, and that will be published along with the rest in the ballot mailing. Does anyone really think I would spend two months researching and writing
just to get elected to this contentious board? Not!

As far as serving on the board again, I will only do that time-consuming three year job IF I get serious support from the membership (including programmers) for executing member control. A mandate from the members would put the egalitarians in the drivers seat. Three more years of bickering is not part of my plan.

So, programmers, If I don't get major support for this approach, I will fade away like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

I appreciate the fragments of the programmer discussion that have been sent to me lately. Otherwise I would have no way of knowing what is going on. I do NOT think the discussion is a waste of time, as some have said, although the comments about me are mostly irrelevant.

If the discussion focuses on the content, it will be worthwhile.

King Collins
MC PB Board of Directors, Inland Seat

P.S. Are you aware that some working programmers are not on the programmer listserv? I wonder if programmers know who is and is not on the list, and who decides that?

P.P.S. I consider this message to be public, so if you or anyone else chooses to put it on the programmer's list or wherever, that is fine with me. KC

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