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Collins and Zackary voted off board

Ballot Survey Data Unaccounted For
Member Control Still The Issue
Minority Report To Be Published

In a nutshell, the KZYX board election put both Zac and I off the board. The applause from Philo was heard in Ukiah.

This has been a very interesting experience. Interesting enough to keep me on the case, so don't worry, I will keep the keep in touch and keep a foot in the door of our community radio station.

I did not expect to win this election but intended to use it as a way to bring up the issue of member control. 43% (of the voting membership) put an X in the King Collins box. Does this mean that 43% support the "egalitarian" position? Does it mean that 43% think I'm a nice guy. Does it mean that 57% think I should give up on member control?

It's impossible to interpret the results beyond a sort of popularity contest. With the entire staff and board majority stonewalling me (and controlling on-air time) I am actually surprised that I got as many votes as I did.

Zac Zackary also lost by a close margin. What that means is that there is no one on the board who can be trusted to report on what is actually happening. That is a real loss for the members and a great comfort to the board majority.

Ballot Survey May Have Answers

However, in this election, a 4-question survey accompanied the ballot. It will be very useful to see this data. To that end I have written to Jane Futcher (who now occupies the Inland seat on the board) and asked her to explain how the ballot survey data is being handled. She has responded in a friendly way, but so far she has been unable to find out anything about the data. This disturbs me. More on that later.

Member Control is still the issue

I wrote the following on February 8:

The purpose of this publication is not to get me elected to this contentious board of directors. In fact, when I began to write this, I had decided not to run, but to leave this pamphlet as my parting shot. I felt hurt and I thought to myself: OK for you, you mean ol’ Centrists, I'm just going to quit and you won't have King and his ideas to kick around anymore.

But then, as I wrote,  I decided that it would not be responsible to quit without offering the membership a clear shot at realizing the democratic, cooperative model that is proposed here. So I will campaign on that model.

Most importantly, the success of this publication depends on whether it engenders clear, understandable proposals which are put to the entire membership. The underlying question to the membership is:

Do you (member/subscriber of KZYX/Z) want a centrist or an egalitarian model for your radio station?

If the answer is that we, the members, like the Egalitarian model: Then Great! It's up to the board and staff to deliver. And If the members don't like it. Fine. I'll fade away.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell what the membership wants in the way of a model. But it is quite likely that a sizable minority want these changes. We will have a better idea when we have analyzed the data, if we ever get to see it.

So I am not quite ready to fade away.

The Minority Report and responses will be published.

I know some of you are getting tired of waiting for me to publish the Minority Report. I also promised to put up the response to it "soon." And that was over a month ago!

I won't bore you with any excuses other than that I needed a break. I promise (Cross my heart and hope to die!) to start putting up the responses starting this May 1 ( May Day: How appropriate.)

And finally, thanks to all the KZYX members who voted for me and who are helping with this project.

King Collins

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