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Statement by Board President
Regarding the Minority Report

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Read on line: "This is Tony Miksak, President of the Board of Directors of KZYX/Z. I am speaking in real time on March 20, 2005. I just want to let people know that I just finished a long and very interesting closed session, and the board made a resolution which I am now going to read to you, and you will be the first to hear it:

The publication known as "The Secret Life of KZYX" is solely the opinion of the authors. The opinions expressed in the document reflect only those of the authors. The KZYX/Z Board of Directors did not request and does not authorize or publish this document."

* * *
Response by the author

This is King Collins, board member and author of The Secret Life of KZYX, A Minority Report.

I wonder why the majority of the board found it necessary to vote to separate themselves from something called "A Minority Report?" Especially when no one came up with any factual errors, or opinions for which there was no evidence.

This disclaimer statement came out of a closed session which I can't comment on.

Tony revelation. Just after we closed the meeting, someone asked Tony if there was anything in the document that he felt misrepresented him or anyone else. Tony answered:

"I haven't read it."

I was so surprised when I heard him say that. I'm thinking: What! You gotta be kidding!

But he's not kidding, he's saying it with a straight face. The conversation ends. My colleague Zac and I just look at each other in amazement.

And I'm still thinking to myself: Jimminy Crickets! This is Tony Miksak, on-air personality, author of "Words On Books," owner of a bookstore, Man of Letters AND President of the KZYX Board.

I need help with this, folks. What is Tony's motivation for saying such a thing? If true, it is an absolute abrogation of his responsibility as an executive of the board. I mean how could the president conduct a discussion about and issue a disclaimer of something he hasn't even read?

Oh well. Who am I to complain.

Give me a call or an email if your have any comment.

King Collins

KZYX Board of Directors, Inland Seat

P.S. Phototoon: Tony's advice to George Bush

King Collins

* * *

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