Excerpted from The Minority Report

This pamphlet presents a vision for Mendocino’s community radio station, KZYX&Z, in which members have greater knowledge of and control over the station’s organization and programming than currently exists, and in which board, staff and programmers meet together to discuss and improve working conditions and the quality of on-air programming.

It also discusses events that have taken place at KZYX/Z over the last two years. During that time, I have been a member of the station’s Board of Directors. My term ends this spring (2005). In truth, my term on the board has been a trying experience. It’s very tempting to just move on and put the whole experience behind me. But then I would feel that I have given up on trying to change things that very much need to be changed at my favorite radio station.

So I am going to run again for the board, but this time I am going to do so with a clear and broadly discussed agenda. My views and the changes I want to bring about are presented here. None of it is written in stone. I am going to do whatever I can to get feedback from anyone who cares, especially you who are subscribing members of this community radio station. This document reflects a lot of feedback already from friends and colleagues. Some have suggested that I remove references to individuals; after some reflection, I’ve decided to leave them. Better to err on the side of openness, I think.

What is written here is, first and foremost, my own opinion. However, in speaking for myself, I think I am also speaking for quite a few others. At any rate, I’ll find out soon.

This pamphlet includes a discussion of the station’s board of directors and some of the issues we have dealt with over the last two years. The primary purpose, however, is to put some proposals before the 2000 members of KZYX&Z.

Your comments are welcome.

King Collins

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