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Selection of the
Interim Management Team

Excerpted from The Minority Report

After GM Diane Hering’s resignation in July of 2004, an Interim Management team was established. The board as a whole had no role in picking that team, which turned out to consist of the president of the board, Tony Miksak, and two staff members. Obviously, the Egalitarians would have liked to discuss such an important decision and to participate on the team.

The Centrists ask, “Don’t you trust Tony?” That’s a complicated question, but there is another more important point: by putting the station under the leadership of a Centrist and by discouraging other board members from being involved in management, the approach to running the station, once again, falls to the status quo. Only the chosen few board members are permitted at management meetings. The absence of a manager ought to be a chance for the board to be more involved, to get to know the staff, and to put their individual skills to work. It is also, as we have mentioned earlier, an opportune time for the Board to re-tune its policies and vision, thus making it possible for the next General Manager to follow new guidelines from day one.

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