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Excerpted from The Secret Life of KZYX

The Centrist
Point of View

As the name implies, the Centrists want decision-making concentrated around a central authority. In their view:

• Board members should adhere to current ways of doing things, the status quo.

• The Board President should decide which committees exist and who will chair those committees.

• Board members are expected to keep out of “operational” matters and rely on the General Manager for knowledge of what is happening at the station.

• Board members are not to be involved in, or even publicly discuss, programming.

• The proper role of board members is only to discuss and act on “policy,” long range planning, fund-raising, and hiring or firing of the General Manager.

• Board members should maintain “confidentiality” about board discussions and support the majority view as if it were the unified opinion of the board.

According to the Centrists, board members should always project a rosy picture about what is happening at the station, never inquire into what is going on with staff or programmers. The ideal board members would also jump enthusiastically at every request to raise money for the station.


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The Egalitarian
Point of View

Egalitarians share decision-making power whenever possible and seek answers from open public dialog. In their view:

• All aspects of our community radio station should be run in a democratic fashion, according to simple and clear protocols.

• At the board level, all board members are equals; the board president is a facilitator, rather than arbiter, in board meetings and other matters, including the selection of committees and committee chairpersons.

• Board-staff relations are direct (unmediated) and organized so that the ideas and concerns of each are shared. The GM, if there is one, encourages the sharing of information, so that the board is aware of staff needs and concerns, and vice versa.

• Staff and board meet regularly as a committee-of-the-whole in open, family-style meetings.

• Programmers have a voice and a consistent way of communicating among themselves and with board and staff.

• The membership is a valuable resource, not just for funding labor, but also as a source of ideas and creativity. Therefore, it is a priority to establish permanent and effective means of communication between membership, board and staff.

• Board and station issues are regularly reported to the membership in a public forum, such as a monthly radio show. Issues are transparently reported on, and feedback from the membership is welcomed.

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