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Excerpted from Draft 1 of The Secret LIfe of KZYX

Since I've been on the board, I have brought up this issue many times. A community radio station ought to be an example of interactive communication. I've put forward several ideas, including a special board-listener call-in show. Tony Miksak and I, working together (at the beginning of our term before he became president of the board) tried to set up a board-listener call-in show.

Board-Listener Call-in Show. Tony and I finally convinced GM Diane Hering, a self-described "control freak," that the board should do its own call-in show. But (name deleted) wouldn't give us the time of day: "Our listeners would not be interested in that." And that was that. Even elected board members who want on-air time to communicate with listeners have no recourse when (name deleted) doesn't like the idea. Lots of luck if you're a mere programmer or a lowly member.

The newsletter, Radio Waves is another way to communicate with members. There was a time, a few years ago, when it was a pretty informative and interesting publication. However, at this time the newsletter is nothing more than a programming schedule with a few puff pieces. In fact, most of us on the board were not notified or invited to participate in any of the recent newsletters. Why shouldn't the board help produce the Radio Waves? Well, of course, the real reason is that "some people" (like me) cannot be trusted to keep to the Centrist line?

A good newsletter could provide substantial content. Some of us on the board have the skills to make that happen. Would you, as a staff member, programmer, or subscriber like that?

For the moment, the only way to talk to the board directly is to call, write or email individual board members. However, as of the publication of this pamphlet, some other means will be available. Please see contact information.

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