The Board of Directors
And Its "Tendencies"

Excerpted from "Draft 1" of The Secret Life of KZYX
which was distributed only to board and staff.

Remarks within brackets were added after Feb. 8 when Draft 1 was first distributed in hard copy at the board meeting.

The Board of Directors and Its "Tendencies"

We on the board have typically divided over key issues. I will show that there is consistency in those splits that points to two "tendencies" on the board. I use the word "tendency" to describe two perspectives or leanings, and two distinct groupings.

I have named the tendencies "Centrist" and "Egalitarian." In this pamphlet the word Centrist will refer to those who seek to concentrate power and control in governing bodies. In contrast, the word Egalitarian refers to those who believe individuals should have equal rights in all areas of social and political life. Here, of course, such words are applied to the social and political structure of KZYX&Z.

On the current KZYX&Z board, the tendencies are represented as follows:

Centrists: Tony Miksak, Johanna Cummings, Wendy Blankenheim, Charlie Hochberg

Egalitarians: King Collins, Zac Zachary, Lynda McClure

The remaining two board members, Claire Lobel, who recently resigned, and Robert Crawfor, are less predictable in their votes, but they have often voted with the Centrists. [Actually, Robert is a Centrist, though he is something of a dissenter on programming, especially children's programming which he dearly loves.] Consequently, as the record shows, the Centrists have maintained the majority on key issues

The two tendencies have often clashed during the two years I have been a member of the board. Former board members Lanny Cotler and Els Cooperrider say the same divisions operated in the years before my term began, with the Centrists dominating board decisions.

Click here for a comparison of Centrist and Egalitarian principles.

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King Collins

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