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How Should
Progamming Decisions Be Made?

Excerpted from "Draft 1" of The Secret LIfe of KZYX
which was distributed only to board and staff.

The terms "Centrist" and "Egalitarian" are defined elsewhere in the documennt.

How should programming decisions be made?

For many years, the Programming Director has been the sole arbiter of on-air programming. In response to long-standing agitation by members and programmers, the board established the "Programming Policy Committee" to discuss and make recommendations about how programming decisions should be made. In contrast to our mission statement, which says that "programming is controlled by its membership," the Centrists want to keep the membership's elected representatives, the Board, completely out of programming matters. The Centrists also generally agree that the Program Director should have the final say about the nature and the power of any kind of program "advisory committee."

The Egalitarians feel that the board should at least be free to express its opinion on programming matters and that the staff should do what it can to accommodate those suggestions. More importantly, the Egalitarians have suggested that the board should set up a "Programming Council," which would include members, programmers, board members, staff, and members of the Community Advisory Board (see below). The Programming Council would have a major say in important programming decisions, such as creating new programs, hiring and firing individual programmers, or anything that is controversial. The position of Program Director would better be called "Program Coordinator" whose job description would include doing the day-to-day work of coordinating on-air programming and developing the program schedule in cooperation with the Programming Council.

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