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The following text was excerpted
from The Secret Life of KZYX

This pamphlet is in part a report to the members on the state of the station. It is the kind of report that I, as a member-subscriber, would like to have on a regular basis. Beyond reporting, the purposes of this publication are:

1) To clarify and broadcast a viewpoint held by a minority of the existing board members, and to show the consistency with which that minority has represented that viewpoint. To solicit feedback and to find out if a substantial number of other individuals among the membership, the staff, and the programmers agree with this point of view.

2) To stimulate a healthy discussion to bring forward a few clearly stated proposals. These proposals will be examined and discussed in front of and with the participation of the entire membership. The membership can vote for proposals by mail, as stipulated in the bylaws. (See Appendix.) Any proposals which receive majority approval become an "Act of the Membership" and a mandate for the board to follow. This would put an end to much of the isolation, confusion, and bickering, at the board level.

Your comments are welcome.

King Collins

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