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Ballot Statement for KZYX Board
King Collins 2010


I've lived, worked and raised a family in Mendocino County. I love KZYX, listen all the time and served on the board, 2003 – 2005. At the end of my term I wrote "The Secret Life Of KZYX."

KZYZ---the most important media organization in the county---is praiseworthy in many ways: hardworking staff, quality programming, dedicated and imaginative volunteer programmers, all supported by the generosity of our listeners.

Success at raising money---a crucial responsibility of the board---depends, ultimately, on the quality of communication with us, the members: We give more when we know what is going on and our voice is heard.

The board has not kept us informed and has become more secretive. My feeling of urgency about this increased sharply last year when General Manager John Coate announced that a young news reporter had been laid off. Christina Aanestad pursued local news with the instincts of an investigative reporter. I thought KZYX was developing a dynamic investigative news team. What a let down when her crisp voice was no longer heard!

 Coate said the layoff was a budgetary necessity, but we had no idea that such a move was even being considered.

My purpose in running again for the board: 

1) To increase the number of members (subscribers) and income to the station.

2) To encourage the board to be transparent and interactive with us, the subscribers.

3) To open up the closed board on-line discussion group (listserv) so that any KZYX member has the option to "listen in" (receive email copies) of board discussions between meetings. This change is easy and would give ordinary members the option to have "read only" access to the board listserv. The listserv was started while I was on the board. Some of us argued, unsuccessfully, that it was wrong for the board to hold what amounts to a continuous closed meeting. (Bylaws limit what may be discussed in closed meeting.)

Finding a solution to the board’s isolation is more important to me than winning this election.

4) Whether on not I am elected, I will bring forward (with other members) an Act of the Membership (See Bylaws) calling for transparency. If approved, the board is required to act accordingly.


King Collins, 468-5513,
Ongoing discussion at



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