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ISSUE No. 16 - Spring 2016
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"Why don't you board members just become part of the disucssion?"

Friends, comrades, members, Ladies, Gentlemen:

2015 has been a good year for democracy at KZYX, in some ways. Let's drink to that!

But there's still stuff to do. Like inspect the documents.

Seems like some of my comrades think it's an insult to the new board to demand to inspect the documents.

But why is this considered an insult or some kind of punishment?

I mean come on, inspecting documents and using the membership list is a key right of members. Some of us have been trying to establish it for years, since back in 2005. And it is finally within reach. I would like to achieve it before I die.

And the station hierarchy has resisted in every way possible. But why? And why would our attempts to gain assess to documents on February 1 be an effrontery to anybody?

I say that notion of affronting the board or the new management is all in our heads. You know: self-censorship.

And another thing while its on my mind: The one thing that would show a real change in attitude (of the board) would be for the board to agree to regular participation in an on-line discussion with the public, including the critics. A place like KZYXtalk. What's so hard about that? Continuing behind the scenes meetings and the "confidential" (secret) board listserv is waving a red flag in the face of democracy. The board is not the CIA. Let's drink to that!

In fact even the good things like committees and PACs and CABs (Don't get me wrong, I'm all for them.) are bureaucratic when you consider how few of us are really involved in the radio station. Why aren't there more open discussions? With the new communications technology, it's much easier that it used to be to set up on-line and on-air discussions. Why the hell don't you board members just become part of the discussion? As John would say: Why? Why? Why?

Warm regards, and a happy healthful, communicative year to all,

--king collins

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Members Conintue To Demand Inspection of Document
Scheduled for February 1.

P.S. to the KZYX Board: Below is the Inspection letter without the signature of John Sakowicz, which replaces the letter I sent earlier.
December 31, 2015

To Mendocino County Public Radio Board of Directors
Meg Courtney, President
Lorraine Dechter, General Manager
Stuart Campbell, Interim General Manager

Gentlemen and Ladies,

It is confirmed that Lorraine Dechter will be the new General Manager of the radio station, effective January 4. According to our previous agreements, this triggers a new date for the inspection of documents as requested in our Demand for Inspection of June 9. You required four weeks from the date of the hiring of the permanent GM. Accordingly, the new date for inspection is Monday, February 1.

As we said in previous correspondence, we do not agree with any of the limitations for inspection that were suggested by the Acting General Manager in his response of June 23. However, with regard to the membership list we would approve a procedure of assigning unique ID numbers to replace member names as a way to insure anonymity of individual members.

If you wish to stop or limit the inspection, you will need to obtain an order from the Superior Court.

Thank you very much for accommodating this inspection. Between now and then, please make sure that all records are preserved and that none are destroyed, removed, or otherwise made inaccessible.


King Collins
Norman de Vall




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