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May 15, 2006

KZYX Board Meeting

First meeting of the newly seated Board at KZYX, May, 2006
From left: Belinda Rawlings (KZYX GM), Jane Futcher, Tony Miksak,
Charlie Hockberg, Antonia Lamb, Linda McClure,
Eric Enriquez, Johanna Cummings.

Report by King Collins
More Photos below.

* * *

A Note About Language

The term "centrist" refers to those who seek to concentrate power and control in the (existing) hierarchical management structure. The term "egalitarian" refers to those who prefer direct unmediated communication among equals within the board and transparency in communication between board, staff and members outside the board. For more see (Centrists and Egalitarians)

While I was on the board the centrist tendency dominated to the extent that it was considered disloyal to let listeners know what the board was doing or to reveal to listeners anything discussed on the board listserv (board-only email discussion). Even now, the listserv is considered confidential. Doesn't that make it a virtual closed meeting? And aren't there rules about when and how the board conducts closed meetings?

To know what is going on at KZYX you have to attend meetings and workparties and follow down with letters, email and phone calls.

The Changing Of The Guard

I attended the KZYX board meeting Monday night in Boonville.

Present were the eight board members and Belinda Rawlings: See photo above. There were about 6 or 7 of us in the audience, and that included staff member, Loretta Houk; her husband WDan Houk; Bruce Hering (Father of the former GM, Diane Hering); Fran Crawford (wife of outgoing board member, Robert Crawford); Clark Ramm (Ukiah rep to the Community Advisor Board); my partner Gabrielle Welford; and me. (I might have missed someone. If so I apologize).

It was the annual Changing of the Guard for the board, and I took a few pictures to mark the occasion. It was just a year ago that I left the board member job, replaced by Jane Futcher, who has been the vice president for a while.

The election of new board members took place more than a month ago (by mail). The only contested seat was the At Large spot with Tony Miksak running against Sister Yasmin. Yasmin raised some important issues but Tony won the seat easily. Eric Enriquez ran unopposed for the Inland seat vacated by Robert. And NO ONE ran for the Anderson Valley seat vacated by Wendy Blankenheim.

Election of Board Officers
Indicates Move Away From Centrists

So now there is an 8 member board (short of the full 9 members due to the vacant Anderson Valley seat). But this is a decidedly different board. It is the previous board minus Crawford and Blankenheim plus Enriquez. Both Crawford and Blankenheim often voted with the centrists in the past, so if Enriquez has egalitarian leanings, then this election will mark a turning point for the board. I hope so.

And as if to answer my wish, the board showed its new egalitarian feathers in the nomination and election of board officers:


Incumbents Tony Miksak and Johanna Cummings were nominated for President and Treasurer, respectively

Lynda McClure put forward a slate: Mike Grady for President; Jane Futcher for VP; Charlie Hockberg for Treasurer; and Eric Enriquez for Secretary.

The vote:

For Sec'y: Eric Enriquez (unopposed) 8 votes
For Treasurer: Charlie Hockberg. (6), Johanna Cummings (2)
For Vice President (unopposed) Jane Futcher (8)
For President Tony Miksak (4) Mike Grady (4)

There was a possibility of another vote, but at Tony's suggestion, he and Mike talked privately and Tony agreed to step down.

Lynda McClure nominated the winning slate

New Board Officers for 2006

Secretary: Eric Enriquez
Treasurer: Charlie Hockberg.
Vice Presdebt: Jane Futcher
President: Mike Grady

Mike Grady replaces Tony Miksak

Jane Futcher unopposed

Charlie Hockberg replaced Johanna Cummings

Eric Enriquez unopposed

The surprising result: The two leading centrists from the days when I was on the board, Johanna Cummings and Tony Miksak, are no longer board officers. It is also gratifying that Mike Grady, who persisted over the diehard resistance of Cummings in getting the 2005 ballot survey up on the web, is now the President.

The Proposed Program Council

Another member-participation issue was the discussion of the proposed programming council. The board has not yet made its decision, but the centrists seem to have prevailed in the Programming Policy Committee (chaired by Cummings) which presented a lengthy proposal. A key part of that proposal is the recommendation that the power of the "council" should be advisory only. The final say in everything, according to the proposal, would remain with the paid Program Director, whose power and job description would not change.

The board has extended the time for public comment on the programming council proposal. I hope people will support the empowerment of the Programming Council.

Community Advisory Board

There was a brief report from Clark Ramm the ONLY elected member of the Community Advisory Board (elected by the Ukiah CAG). Ramm said earlier that he was frustrated at not receiving the Ukiah CAG minutes (taken by Lynda McClure) and the fact that other CAGs had failed to meet or report to him. This state of affairs is a disservice to the Ukiah group who sought to "invigorate the process" by calling for the resignation of the KZYX Program Director, which it had done by a vote of 8-0 with one abstention.

There may have been other discussion about some of these topics after I left. I'll let you know when and if the minutes are posted.

King Collins

P.S. More about KMEC and the fate of Rebel Tuesday in a later post.

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