"Much to my surprise, there stood President Ehmann"

Excerpted from interview with Seiji Sugawara


"Another incident that demonstrates the same kind of reluctance to be in anyway linked to political activity happened in 1994. A reporter who had worked for Channel Eight in Ukiah was now working for a collation of organizations that were working to stop the reelection of Pete Wilson. I and many others in the community were contacted and asked to appear on video. We all felt that Governor Wilson did not give enough financial support to education. She asked us to meet her at Mendocino College for the taping. As we arrived at the gates to the college, much to my surprise, there stood President Carl Ehmann requesting that we not enter the campus. Being a non-confrontational group we agreed. All I wanted was more money for college education and what better place to share my opinions then at Mendocino College, a place that needed and still needs more money. This was again an example of hypersensitivity to issues that may be thought of as controversial."


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