Senate Unanimous In Vote To Stop Land Sale

The complete resolutions (including the Whereas-es) are presented here.

There will be a MC Foundation executive board meeting in the President's office at noon, April 23.

The Wallen/Sligh resolution (S98.04):

"Whereas the Mendocino College Foundation received as a gift over 1800 acres of Hensley Creek watershed located northwest of the Ukiah campus,

Whereas the land in question was visited by the science faculty at the invitation and encouragement of the Mendocino College administration to determine the possible uses of the watershed for field courses and other instructional curriculum,

Whereas a National Science Foundation grant was being developed by the Science Department faculty, with Ruth Kirkpatrick as the lead writer to obtain grant funds to evaluate the property for field laboratory development across the science curriculum,

Whereas the grant proposal had full support of the Academic Deans and science faculty,

Whereas during the grant proposal development period, the Foundation, under the direction of the Mendocino College Board of Trustees, began selling the sites most favorable for commercial development,

Whereas the science faculty were not notified or involved in the determination of which parcels should be set aside for either instruction purposes or commercial sale,

Therefore be it resolved that the Academic Senate requests that further land sales of any College or Foundation property be stopped until a study and recommendations by the Mendocino College faculty for site development for instructional field studies is completed."

Ppassed the Senate by unanimous 6-0 votes.

The deBané resolution: (S98.05)

Whereas Mendocino College has been extremely fortunate to have 1800 acres of very valuable land donated to the Mendocino College Foundation,

Whereas the mission of the Foundation is to raise money to help students obtain an education,

Whereas the Foundation is not controlled by the Mendocino College Board of Trustees,

Whereas the only liaison between the Foundation and the Faculty and the Trustees is the President of the College,

Whereas the President did not inform the faculty of the pending sale of land,

Whereas the Board of Trustees expressed public concern in its last meeting about the lack of communication to the Board regarding the sale of land that had already occurred,

Whereas the College has permanently lost the opportunity to advise the Foundation regarding the best use of this land to fulfill the Foundation's mission,

Therefore, let it be resolved that the Academic Senate will seek to have a faculty member on the Foundation Board in order to insure proper communications between the faculty and Foundation."

Ppassed the Senate by unanimous 6-0 votes

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