No Fall 1998 Issue of the Eagle,Yet

We have no word as yet as to the date of publication. In the meantime, we have the following letter from some of the student staff:


October 10, 1998

There is no Mendocino College "Student" Newspaper this semester

If you are wondering what happened to the Eagle Newspaper at Mendocino College, here is some information from the student staff.

Again, the "student" newspaper at Mendocino College is not a student-run newspaper. This year the instructor/advisor for the school newspaper, LeeAnn Lambert, decided she would choose who is editor of our school newspaper.

She chose, not by the popular opinion of the working staff, but by "input" from her advisory committee, Tom Hine, journalist, and Joy Montgomery, ASMC president.

Last semester when student staff excitedly began the creation of an all student run newspaper, the administration stepped in (or rather 'stepped on') our ambition, telling us we needed their guidance. As a result, students lost interest in the program feeling they had no real control over their newspaper.

This semester's low turn out for the school newspaper class, COM 100, was partly because our instructor discouraged students from signing up to the class. And yet this class is the only means for a student to be part of the staff of the student newspaper.

A newspaper will probably be produced, but it will not be a significant representation of Mendocino College students.

We strongly believe the Eagle Newspaper should be the voice of the students of Mendocino College. The editor should not be chosen by an instructor that is hired by the administration. On the contrary, the instructor's role is to assist the class in creating and expressing a student voice.

The editor of the student newspaper should be chosen in a democratic process by the newspaper staff. The staff should have total control over all decisions regarding the paper.

We welcome any further discussion on this issue and you can find us on the Ukiah campus.

Lisa Badenfort
Chester Collins
Ryan Funderburg
Rhiannon Hillman
Garrett Jones
Mike Oliveria
April Pack
Rio Palley
Obie Sage
Ethan West

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