Athletics: Looking for a Few Good Women

By Eric Sligh
It is obvious to most students that league competition is
taken very seriously at Mendocino College. Over $35,000 is spent on the eagle football team alone. That is four times college's budget for library books. If sports are so important at Mendocino College, why don't we ever hear about our womens teams? We always hear about the men's football team winning their third consecutive Bay Valley Conference title but what happened to the women?
"It's all a question of enrollment" said college president Carl Ehmann.
"We've cancelled both basketball and softball twice because there was not a sufficient number of women who enrolled. Planning, offering, and advertising an opportunity for womens sports is just the first step in a successful program. The second step is that women will express an interest by enrolling in the class and devoting time and energy to the experience. We are optimistic that this will happen
Here are the facts:
In 1997 a total of 25 women competed in three sports at Mendocino College. Four women ran cross-country, ten played volleyball, and 11 participated in track and field. In order to have a more solid program with a large variety of sports Mendocino College needs more women to participate in competetive sports.
"The doors are open for anyone interested in the athletic department" Said Katherinem Indermill, an instructor in the athltics dept. "The athletic dept. staff wants to keep the doors open for all women to play competetively."
If you have any desire or interest in playing a competetive sport for M.C. please contact the following people or just look for the listing in M.C.'s free schedule under Physical Education/Intercollegiate and sign up!!!
Volleyball-Peter Field-468-3036
Cross-Country-Liz Black-468-3036
Track And Field - Dino Vichi - 468-3036
Katherine Indermill - 468-3001
Sue Blundell - 468-3144
Kevin Smallcomb - 468-3142

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