Act Now to Protect the Organic Label
Now that organic foods are becoming increasingly popular, the U.S. Department of Agriculture
is trying to dramatically loosen the meaning of the term. The USDA has has just proposed
rules that would allow genetically engineered crops, food grown with suage sludge, and irradiated products to be sold to unsuspecting consumers as organic. This not only denies common sense but overrides the recommendations of the advisery panal, which came up with the rules in the first place.
Call Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman at 202/720-7030 (9-5 EST only) and tell him to adopt strict rules ensuring that the organic label remains organic. Or send a citizen letter to:
USDA National Organic Standards
RM4007 SoouthAgStop
0275 PO.96456
Washington DC, 20090

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