Fellow Smokers Listen Up


By Hollyann King
Has anyone else noticed the number of cigarette butts that ashtrays on campus, it seems absurd to think that smokers can miss so frequently. Strategically placed there are at least ten locations to extinguish a cigarette, so why don't we use them? It seems we can get pretty close judging from the ends of smokes which lay all around the ashtrays and smoking vicinity. It is unacceptable to drop and stomp out a cigarette, the ground is not our garbage can. It's a shame mindless litter goes so unnoticed to those who are causing such eyesores, and this atricle's objective is to be an eye opener to how our habit is unfortunately seen everywhere. Let's also think about the patterns of nature which can be disrupted as a result of ignoring nature's harmonious ritual of being one with the earth.Littering with the detritus of our habit includes disrespect not only to our beautiful campus, but also to the administrators, staff, and students who are tolerant enough to allow Mendocino College to be a "Smoking campus."
So make an effort, remind those who forget that our campus has ashtrays all over for a reason. Most importantly remember nature's one request; leave only footprints behind us.

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