Bernard Lempke wonders about Eagle web site and the college name. . .

[Ed note: Bernard Lemke is one of the seven members of the Medocino College Board of Trustees]

Bernard Lemke
Location: Ukiah

I like your forum and the work you are doing on your web page, but I question the use of "Mendocino College" in your title "Mendocino College Eagle Newspaper". The California Education Code, Section 72000, states that "the names of community colleges maintained by the district are the property of the district. No person shall, without permission of the board, use these names, or any abbreviation of them, or any name of which these words are a part in any of the following ways:.....". It then goes on to list a number of situations which would appear to strongly apply in your case. I'm too lazy and it's too late to type them all. I would suggest you contact the administration of Mendocino College regarding their views on the use of "Mendocino College", since violations such as this are actionable items. Your use of this name is particularly confusing since there is I believe another Eagle in existence under the Instructional program. I don't have available for you the entire text of 72000, but I definitely think you should check it out.

Bernard Lemke

Received on the Eagle Guestbook,
Thu Mar 5 00:15:23 PST 1998

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