Recycling Adventure Update

By Derek Dahlen

Back at it again after the much needed Winter Break: Recycling here on campus has been as good as ever. Twice a week Eco-Club members have been loading up the trusty Cushman with pounds upon pounds of recyclables that students and faculty have rightfully placed in the proper receptacle. Although, I have noticed that a great deal of recyclable materials have been unjustly thrown in trash cans when there is a recycle bucket hanging nearby.

Why is this, I wonder? Why do people still revert to trashing recyclables when recycling has been made so easy for them? All one has to do is place their recyclable container in the buckets available next to nearly every outdoor trash can on campus. Then we do the dirty work.

Maybe people simply aren't aware of the purpose of these five-gallon buckets that are hanging from the trash cans. I realize that not every bucket says "recycle" upon it, but that is not a good excuse for throwing away precious reusable materials. I wonder if people aren't aware of our planet's depleting resources. The time is now: people must realize that we all have to reuse instead of refuse. We all have to recycle the materials that have often gone in the landfill in the past and reduce the amount of waste that we create. All of this is essential to maintain a healthy, clean, and sustainable planet for the future.

Just as a reminder, I would like to list the items that can be recycled in the five-gallon buckets that conveniently hang from trash cans around campus.

Recycle these in 5-Gallon Buckets:
- any glass
- aluminum cans
- any plastic container
- aluminum foil

Recycle Paper in the Blue Buckets.

Also, the Eco-Club would greatly appreciate it if everyone would empty their containers before placing them in the recycle buckets.

Thanks to everyone for doing their part as stewards of planet Earth! Recycling is a step in the right direction to creating a Green Planet and a safe place for our children and grandchildren to live in peace and harmony with the bounty that nature provides.

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