Question Person Part 3 of 3

"With the hype about second hand smoke, what do you think about smoking on campus?"


Mariah Peters, 20 & Christina Turnwall, 21

"As long as it's outside I think it should be okay. If someone doesn't want to be around smoke they can walk away. Ukiahan's risk more pollution from Masonite than from people smoking outside." (Peters)

"I think it's okay. I think that the consequences of second-hand smoke outdoors are greatly diminished from that of indoors.. I'm not too keen on smoking but who cares?" (Turnwall)


Ilai Demar, 23,
Former Smoker

"I think it's good that I'm a former smoker. I definitely do not believe in smoking cigarettes indoors because I know that I can feel the difference in the morning when indoor smoking has occurred the night before. So therefore, I believe that folks should be able to partake in cigarette smoking on campus, as long as it's outdoors.


Michelle Carrillo, 29, Non-Smoker

"It hasn't affected me at all on campus."


Noah Mervine, 25, Non-Smoker

"Well, as long as the smoke doesn't bother other people I don't really have a problem with people killing themselves on campus."


Thomas, Former Smoker Who Still Smokes in Bars

"No smoking on campus! I didn't say 'No cigarettes on campus,' I said, 'No smoking on campus!'"


April Pack, 18, Non-Smoker

"I don't care what people do. This campus is big enough for me to avoid it if I had to."


Patti Nichols, 42
Former Smoker

"I think that they should have a separate smoking area. I think that they need an area with more ashtrays because cigarette butts are bad for the environment."


Monte Gutowski, 18

"I just don't like it too much when I go through a certain area and all you smell is smoke. You really can't tell people where to smoke if it's outside."


Steve Jacobson, 30, Former Smoker

"I have compassion for smokers because I used to smoke. I understand how hard it is to quit."


Lisa Badenfort,
Question Person

"I'll be talking to you soon!"

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