Question Person Part 2 of 3

"What could be changed or added to Mendocino College to better serve your needs?"


Thoth Howe, 19

"It would be cool if they had photography and video editing classes; and we need real food!"


Favioa Regis, 18

"More full-time teachers. Better food."


Celia Orozco, 23

"A swimming pool. They need more computers here. The school is fine for me."


Gabriel Molina, 22

"I think that the gym should be open all day. They shouldn't close it just for faculty. Students need to work out between 12 and 2 PM. I also think that students need to respect the 'No Smoking' signs."


Rayna Freedman, 19

"More ethnic dance classes. More cultural celebrations and cooking classes."


Obie Sage, 21

"I say we take those two or three retarded desks that seem to occur in every classroom and sell them to someone like College of the Redwoods. We could use the revenue to install disco balls to spice up the slower lectures."


 Pat Keplinger, 21

"A better food place, a bigger lounge, and better coffee. I'd like all the resources (Library, Learning Center, and computer lab) to stay open later. More foreign language classes."


 Pete Sauber, 22

"More higher level technical classes! Get rid of the 'Rat's Nest' and get better food."

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