Question Person Part 1 of 3

"What could be changed or added to Mendocino College to better serve your needs?"


Cisco Sanchez, 43

"More programs or classes geared towards the youth to make them more aware of the dangers of drugs."


Garrett Jones, 19

"I think that all full and part-time teachers should be evaluated more frequently."


Jon Ann Norton, 32

"More comfortable seats! CSC 20 could use a bigger classroom, and the bookstore could use a payment plan program."


Bill Kafer, 47

"I'd like to see more study facilities on campus for rainy-day use. Other than that, I'm a pretty happy camper."


Damien Keehn, 21, & Dave Strock, 20

"The bookstore; real prices! A drinking fountain in the Eagle's Nest and salt and pepper shakers on the tables. During the first three weeks of the semester we want at least two windows open in the Admissions and Records building. We would also like them to treat us less cattle-like. The counselors need to be more informed about the ways that classes count towards our majors and not make as many mistakes. I (Damien) would also like a cigarette butt-free campus."


Estelle Palley, 19

"I feel that this college needs to plan more for the future and curriculum relative to county occupations, and less oppression."


Darrell Zapanta, 34

"Although I'm satisfied with the structure of Mendocino College, it would be more convenient if some of the evening classes were offered during the day."

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