Eagle Web Site Under Fire

Web Master
threatened with expulsion from Communication class

By Mike Oliveria

My interest is in getting the Eagle on the Internet for everyone to see, including other colleges. According to Lillian Brown, the administration would not allow any continuance of the existing web page, but the class disagreed. The Eagle staff as a group voted to continue to publish the Eagle Web Site and keep the webmaster. Brown said if we continued to work on the web site, then "You know where the door is!" As far as I'm concerned, that's a violation of the First Amendment. For her the idea of a democratic Eagle was out; She wanted the new "instructional Eagle" and she was in charge. She said the administration was telling her how to run the class.

The Eagle web site is a huge controversy, and it seems certain people in this college are dead set against it. I don't know what they are afraid of. The Internet is the future. If people want to get the news, they can either get in their car, go to the store, and buy a paper, or go to their computer, push a couple buttons, and get all they want to know instantly: sports updates, the latest news, or the Mendocino College student Eagle newspaper. Every good newspaper, every large corporation and even small business has a web site. It is the largest growing form of communication, information, and advertising.
Check it out!
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