Who is Nancy McFluffland?

Analysis by Subwebmaster Collins

The Dean of Students addresses the NEW Journalism Program:

Look kids, I'm the Dean of Students and I know what's best for the student newspaper. Nancy McFluffland and I are in charge. We're going to help you get started by making all the important decisions for you. Just like the real world. That democracy thing is like a cancer eating at this college. We've got to cut it out before it gets out of control!

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Who is Nancy McFluffland? Those familiar with the inner workings of Mendocino College will recognize the reference to Nancy McLelland, full-time instructor in the English Department, author of the Proposal for the (New) Journalism Program. The proposal did not win praise for its style or coherence but was enthusiastically endorsed and supported by the administration in their attempt to shut down the Eagle newspaper. That gambit is currently underway. Look at the fall 1996 and 1997 issues of the Eagle for a more complete rundown on the situation.

The "fluff" in McFluffland refers to Nancy's distaste for the political component in investigative reportage (especcially when that reportage has to do with the insitution itself) and to her feeling that the Eagle should carry much more of the schedules, announcements, and boring bric-a-brak that adorn the bulletin boards and mailboxes of the college. The Eagle staff chose instead to be "a window on the inner workings of the college" (see "Eagle advisor's bid farewell") and to report about political matters that proved to be of considerable interest to the college campus and the community at large. 

The free Eagle is on the net. You'll find archives of the best of the Eagle since January, 1996, and information about journalism, student grants, and other things of interest. As things unfold we'll keep you informed.
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By the way, Who is the Dean of Censorship? Another cartoon from last years adventures of the Eagle!!

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