Mendos Friendly Security Guard

By Psyche Ives

Buck Jordon has worked at Mendocino College for three years. During that time students and faculty on the campus have greatly appreciated his efforts. Known for walking students to their cars late at night, he is a valuable asset to the college.

Jordon is easily recognizable, dressed in the blue and yellow Mendocino College security outfit and matching baseball cap, as he surveys the college grounds making sure everyone is safe and everything is in proper order. His long, brown, wavy hair tied in a ponytail, sporting a goatee and earrings, Jordon is unmistakable. His recognizability and easy manner have contributed to his being referred to and known around campus simply as "Buck."

Jordon is not seen on campus during the day because he splits his time between two jobs. During the day, he does construction work in Santa Rosa, then rushes north to his Ukiah home with just enough time to prepare for duty as security guard for the college. Jordon and his family now live on-campus, where he has recently been given housing, making it easier to perform his security duties. He starts his duties at 5 P.M. and continues until 11 P.M., when he starts locking up the last of the college's buildings. "I want people to feel at ease," he says of why he chose to become a security guard.

One of the most memorable incidents during his work as a security guard for the college occurred in his first year on the job. He was accosted by a drunken lady who tried to hit him with her violin. It was closing time, approximately 10 P.M., and she was in a classroom and refused to leave. Finally, Jordon got the woman to leave; however, he saw her on-campus the next day, when she attempted to hit him with her car; she was subsequently arrested.

Before being hired by the college, Jordon worked as a preschool teacher at Headstart. His previous jobs include working for the United Parcell Service, restaurants, in construction, landscaping, and as a lifeguard.

When he's not working, Jordon enjoys watching and playing sports, especially baseball and softball; running; and riding his bike. Other hobbies are spending time with his wife, kids, reading, playing his guitar and singing. Most people probably aren't aware of this, but Jordon and his brother recorded a couple of CD's when they were in their band "II Big." They would spend weekends playing gigs and have even played in Las Vegas.

Jordon is a man devoted to his family. He has a 13-year-old son, Sean, from his previous marriage, who visits him every other month. Jordon and his wife, Vanessa, who works for North Coast Opportunities, recently welcomed their first son, 10-month-old Damien into the world.

With the arrival of Damien, Jordon added a tattoo of his son's name on his back, alongside his pre-existing tattoos of his family's names.

Jordon's future plans consist of raising his family and watching his children grow. He doesn't plan to be a security guard forever, but would like to go back to being a preschool teacher. If and when he decides to move on from his college security job, his efforts and dedication will surely be missed.


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