By Will McCorkle

Perhaps Winston Churchill said it best: "Those who do not remember history, are destined to repeat it." The history of The Mendocino College Eagle and the school administration is a sordid one, chock full of controversy, disagreements, and back-stabbing.

Unfortunately, these soap opera-like scenarios go back many years and ultimately led us to the present land of selfishness and child-like behavior. This behavior is not confined to just students. It also wound its serpentine way through the inroads of a once-respected faculty and staff, reaching ultimately into the highest echelons of the administration.

Therefore, it is today my perceived duty as Editor-in-Chief, and ours as staff members, to remove the Eagle from this state of infighting and back into an arena of integrity and respectability, two basic qualities that are very important in news reporting.

The Mendocino College Eagle has undergone some very distinct changes since last semester and previous years. For the first time in a long while, the Eagle is not a club-like publication, but instead an academic class, (under the heading of the English Department), worth one college credit. It would be unnecessarily dishonest if I said that this transition has been completely smooth and without controversy. However, it is my firm belief that most, if not all of these past troubles have been laid to rest, and that the one simple goal of every involved individual is to put aside personal conflicts and agendas in order to produce and distribute a high-quality publication that is an accurate and trustworthy representation of our students, college, and community as a whole.

My own goals for the Eagle are short and simple. The publication should strive to be a newspaper that represents the wide diversity of the college and its student population. The Eagle should be a newspaper that the entire college, from freshmen to faculty, can be proud of and enjoy reading. It should also cover many topics ranging from sports, the environment and special features, to national and local news that affects our world, nation, state, and community.

The staff and I can only hope that you enjoy our new publication, and that it meets, or better yet, exceeds your needs and expectations. Please feel free to make any comments about the newspaper and/or its topics via letters to the editor. Only by working together will the ray of success and prosperity shine upon this fledgling Eagle and Mendocino College.


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