Three Studdent Editors Made Huge Contributions

By King Collins
Faculty Advisor

Russ Emal, Zack Darling and Marya Legrand, three very different individuals, each made significant contributions to the newspaper in the last two years. Emal and Darling brought the Eagle to new levels of creativity and investigative journalism,and credit their Eagle experience with helping them toward their current careers in multimedia and graphic disign. Legrand brought her tenacious intelligence to the task of tracking the details of the controversy. She also spent countless hours videotaking board and senate meetings. She had to leave the editorship suddenlyl last month, when she was injured in an auto accident.

Thank you Russ, Zack and Marya.

Your work is a legacy to intelligent, truthful journalism and youhave helped make Mendocino Community College a better place.

* * *

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