Question Man Hits the Mendo Campus: (More at Question Man Part 2)

What could be changed or added to Mendocino College to better serve your needs?







Wendy Pruett
"I'm perfectly happy with how it is now."
  Norma Banuelos
"I would like to see a photography studio. And also more full time teachers are needed because if you are taking twelve or fifteen units and you have a lot of part time teachers, you can't get your questions answered as quickly because you can't get ahold of them.
  Andrea Williams
"I'm not a full time student, I'm only taking one class but for me personally, since I go to the High School I think it would be nice if more classes were offered at different times because a lot of the classes that I'm interested in taking are going on at the same time as my high school classes.
  Luis Pacheco
"A soccer team. I would like to see a soccer program here at the college. Because they have all these facilities, football, volleyball, but not soccer. I just wonder why not? Why isn't there a soccer team here? So that's what I would like to see added to this college.







Margot Melanson
"A photography program. That's it!"
  Anita Patton
"My needs? More women's sports, baby. And/or more funds for the women's sports that we do have because we get ripped off! And the boys get warm up stuff, equipment, they get practice jerseys, shorts, shirts, and sweatsuits."
  Mindy Curtis
"A golf team."
  Richard Todd
"More activities on campus for the students to do stuff. Like maybe intermural sports."

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