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What could be changed or added to Mendocino College to better serve your needs?






Sommer Lawton
"A children's theatre program. A course that you would take to produce children's theatre plays, you just sign up for the class and you're involved."
  Bianca Eachus
"Actually I'd like to see, because I know we have cheerleading and I'm one of the cheerleaders, I'd like to see a dance team and we're actually going to try to start that up. I used to be on one and I thought it was cool."
  Raphael Bohner
"More full time faculty. And more offices and stuff to accommodate the students."
  Dagoberto Gonzalez
"Nothin' really, it's pretty good, but maybe more outside drinking faucets because I haven't really found one outside. But besides that it's all good."




Ray Boardman
"Recruit finer women. There's not enough. And more stuff for everyone to come see and do. Like at Berkeley there was bands playing right during school and stuff and it was really cool."
  Mike Aiello
"We should get a girls softball team because girls don't have enough sports around here and I think it would be great for the community. It would also be kind of fun to watch."
  Jason Murray
"Huh,huh. You know what guys, there is a real simple answer to this question. And that is the opportunity for Mendocino College students to express themselves artistically with an on campus radio broadcast station. So you know Jason Murray continued...
If there was a position open to be the programmer of that station, I would seek it immediately. And uh, you know, possibly enlighten the listeners.
  Devin Daniel
"I asked the question. Oh, by the way, if you want to give me your answer, you;re welcome. Just come by the Eagle office or look me up on the quad. The question man is always ready"

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