Recycling Adventure Update

  Ecology Club members are never afraid to have a good time, even with our eagle mascot. Staying conscious, recycling and partying. From left to right, Alida Burnstad, Derek Dahlen, Ron Gosselin, Jodiah Nelson and Estelle Palley.

By Derek Dahlen

Eco-Club Treasurer and Director of Recycling

Everything has been looking pretty good with the on campus recycling. The last two weeks we've had record collections. The first of these two heavy recycling weeks Estelle Palley, Star, and I picked up an overflowing Cushman load with three full bags of plastics and cans, one and a half trash cans full of glass, and numerous half full bags of plastic bottles and cans; not to mention all kinds of other recyclables that don't fit in any of the plastic bottle, aluminum can or glass bottle categories. And, just last week Jamie and I filled the Cushman with campus recyclables, took it back to the shed, then almost filled it again before we had collected all the recyclables from the white buckets on campus.

We'd like to take the time to make a list of all the different items that can be recycled in the white buckets on campus and at home (these are things that most recycling centers accept):aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic bottles, any plastic container that has a recycle symbol with a number inside of it, tin cans, aluminum foil, and milk cartons

Also, paper can be recycled in the blue recycling bins that are around campus.We'd like to thank and give a warm round of applause to all the Eco-Club members that have been helping with the recycling, and to all the students that have been recycling and doing their part as stewards of the Earth to Keep this Planet Green! I hope that you all know that recycling isn't the only thing you can do to make Mendocino College a better place for all of us. I've been noticing a lot of trash scattered around throughout the campus. This is an eye sore to everyone. It doesn't take that much effort to throw your trash in a trash can or put your cigarette butt in an ashtray or place your empty drink container in a recycling bucket.

Once again, if anyone is interested, the Mendocino College Eco-Club meets every Thursday during Student Hour from 12:15 until 1:30 in room 501 if it's rainy or at one of the picnic tables between the library and the administration building if it's sunny.

Let's do the right thing to Reduce waste and litter. Reuse everything we can, and Recycle the rest!

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