Mendo College Garden Project

Agriculture students of Mendocino College blast through the ribbon of the new California Garden Project

By the staff of the Agriculture Department

Off to a very good Start!

One of the highlights of the fall semester at the Mendocino College Agriculture department, has been the visualization of a two year project known as the California Garden. Friday, November 7th, was the ribbon cutting ceremony marking the culmination of an 8-week college short course designed to give students hands-on experience bringing concept into reality and the privilege of leaving a permanent contribution to the college. Also involved in this landmark occasion, was the irrigation class, taught by Dale Higgins. These students, aided by the college maintenance staff, were instrumental in designing and installing the irrigation system for the garden.

The California Garden is part of the master landscape plan for the MC Agriculture Department. It demonstrates current California design style and technique, as well as an extremely wide variety of plant material, indicative of the state's enviable climate. The completion of the garden marks a new phase of development at the Ag unit, one that brings the ornamental side of horticulture into the mainstream for the Ag students.

Local businesses were getting involved as well, with donations of time and materials from Greg Hoyt Construction, Cold Creek Compost, Evergreen Gardenworks Nursery, Oak Valley Nursery, PG and E, and Big 4 rents.

"Involvement and support from both the students and community has been simply wonderful", states Cathy Hoyt, designer and instructor for the project.

Although many California native plants are included in the California Garden, it is not restricted to such. A partner project, the California Garden II, will contain solely native vegetation and demonstrate many plants' abilities to withstand summer drought. The California Garden II is now in the preliminary planning stages along with Japanese, shade, ornamental grass and rock garden portions of the master plan. The completion of the master landscape plan will be a tremendous boon to the college Ag Department and students, allowing on-campus viewing of cutting edge plant material and design, as well as hands-on experience 'making it all happen'.

The California Garden, located at the Ag unit (far east side of campus), may be viewed any week day from 8:00am until 3:00pm. Better yet, check out our classes available for Spring and come be a part of the action!

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