Election Results:Mixed feelings

By April Pack

The room is hot, the people anxious, and banners cover the walls. The ticking of the clocks seems unusually loud. Then the piercing ring of the phone breaks the silence.

The results are known- the incumbents remain in office. For some, this is great news, others worry about the future of the college. They have many questions. Will the incumbents be able to solve the problems that our college continues to have? Most of all will they address those issues that have plagued us for the last year?

Here is what a few Mendocino College students have to say about these election results. The candidates also reveal their stance and feelings about the elections and what their future holds with their involvement with the college.

Around Campus Opinions

Alida Burnstad: "I was disappointed. I had a lot of confidence in Spanbauer and McClure. They are who I voted for. I thought for sure they were going to have a really good support from the community to get out there and make change. I was also surprised that only 22% of voters came out and the incumbents remained in office. I worked at the polls and I did the counting. There was a periodic check. Spanbauer won in Mendocino County but lost by 400 points in Lake County. I wish that there was a law that people had to watch the debates before they voted because if they saw them, they wouldn't have voted the way they did. But we'll do it next time.

Anthony Guzzi: "I am glad that Lemke won, and I am glad that McClure lost. However I would have preferred to have seen Spanbauer win instead of Diane Pauli.

I liked what Spanbauer stood for, I was not satisfied with what Diane Pauli represented. Nor was I satisfied with the way McClure talked about things.

Terri Tippit: My understanding is that Spanbauer didn't win because he didn't have enough votes in Lake County. As far as Diane and John go, I've known Diane for two and a half years and I have worked with her, and I liked John too. It would have been great to have them both on the board.

As far as the other candidates, Dr. Lemke, Lynda, and Lou Fortin. Between them, Dr. Lemke, I like working with him, I think he is very concerned about the students welfare, he does an excellent job. Lynda, I really didn't get to know her, I like the debates she was in, she is enthusiastic and has a lot to offer, and she had a lot of the concerns that the students and faculty also have had for quite a while. So, it could have only been a benefit to have her on the board as well. But they were running against each other, what can you do? May the best man win so to speak, because that 's what we are based on in this country, winner take all.

Estelle Palley: The election, although it was so close, and I was a bit disappointed with the results, I was also stoked because it was such a close race. It showed that people really supported the candidates who lost but came so close to winning, and it seems that the board has addressed a lot more issues and is more open to the public because of the controversies.

Marian Kheen: I was somewhat disappointed with the election results. I thought Spanbauer seemed really good.

Laurie Raseavasas: I was disappointed. I am worried that part-timers won't have any representation and I am concerned that ESL (English as a Second Language) won't either.

The Candidates

Diane Pauli (51% of Votes): I hope we can get the whole campus back to a better state of working together without the divisiveness and distraction we've had for the past year. To students I would like to say never give up and keep studying and do well. Move on the what the next step is in your life. To those who lost the election, I don't have much to say except it was hard fought.

John Spanbauer (49%): I think that the new board should encourage the public to make comment. The board should open up to the public and then the public will in turn tell the board what they think about various issues and that would be very beneficial.

Bernard Lemke (44%): I am looking forward to expanding the Willits Center and using it for a staging platform for educational opportunities in the northern part of the county and Laytonville.

I hope to get the college back on track, focusing on what our goal is, educating students. A great deal of time has been spent on personnel issues. We need to redirect our efforts into developing new programs.

I wish that more students would get involved at board meetings. I have approached Lynda McClure already and I think she is a compassionate woman with lots of good ideas. They all have a lot to offer to the college.

Lynda McClure (41%): I would still like to be involved with the school. I became a candidate because I was involved in the issues. One way to be involved is going to the board meetings. The issues that brought me to this campaign are still there. I have very strong convictions that people can make change in their communities and you don't need to be a public official to do that.

Gender inequity should be addressed by administrators and students. Differential treatment is not acceptable. I also think that the part-timers issues should be addressed and dealt with, and there are also personnel issues.

Lou Fortin (15%):I was a past board member so I will always be a participant at Mendocino College. To the students I hope they continue to participate and that they will be more informative with the board. And I would like to see more students attend the board meetings.

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