Keep up the good work

I know it's gratifying to student editor Marya Legrand and faculty advisors King Collins and Dale Glaser to have so many new students demonstrating an interest and enthusiasm in writing and reporting for the Eagle. It was for me. Especially enjoyable to me was to see the different faces of the student staff accompany the diverse "faces" of the college that were expressed in their writing. The bilingual page has been a long time in coming and has the potential to bridge important gaps in helping all of us better understand and embrace the value of a multicultural, multiliterate college and community. Keep up the good work!

Susan Bell

Thanks Susan! We appreciate your support and encouragement. We at the Eagle Staff are looking forward to next semester when more students will be involved in the production of our newspaper. -Ed

Santa Rosa JC Uses MCC's Underground Publication!

Dear Eagle Editors,

We students at SRJC are subjected to similar exploits. I thought you would appreciate my newsletter. The school paper, The Oak Leaf, is so factional, they are relatively incapable of any consensus about who is screwing who and why because they are too busy filling out their resumes for that corporate job they'll never get.


Dylan Humphrey

P.S I really appreciated the job description. We altered it but gave you credit. Hope it's okay.

Dylan from SRJC sent us a copy of his underground publication (see cartoon) with the above letter. Dylan used one of Mendo's very own underground publications, a fake job description titled "Instructor/Director of English and Censorship" in his Santa Rosa publication.

Here's a taste of the Job Description that was distributed around our campus last October. We are impressed that one of our Underground Poets made it all the way to the SRJC campus.

Thanks also to Dylan Humphrey, for checking in with us, -Ed


The following text is excerpted from a "job description" that was distributed at Mendocino College shortly after the administration announced that it had accepted the English Department's proposal to take over the Eagle:

Instructor/Director of English and Censorship

Responsibilities: Must be able to maintain the highest academic standards for noncritical composition, saccharine essays and pinched prose. In conjunction with the Administrative Staff, maintains vigilant control over the college newspaper. Personally selects newspaper staff avoiding controversial riffraff, nonconformists and nattering nabobs of negativity among the student body and any contributions from non-approved staff. Works cooperatively with the ad-hoc committee to insure that no original or otherwise unauthorized materials finds its way to the MCC(SRJC) home page. Ready to sever all links at a moment's notice from the committee, webmaster, President and/or any and all MCC(SRJC) staff.

Work Schedule: This is a twelve-month position, unless the powers-that-be determine that the school newspaper will not be published, in which case there is no work schedule.


Latronica not responding to MacLeitch

I would request that the Eagle print the result of the investigation in its entirety, when it becomes available. I will not respond to Larry's allegations of "an investigation that wasn't". Thanks,

Tony Latronica

Thanks Tony! We called Gwen at the presidents office to check when the investigation results would be there. She said when they are released they will be given to the Board of Trustees in closed session and then it will be released to the public. -Ed


Galeria de Arte

El Pasado Octubre 23 se habrio la galeria de arte en el colegio de Mendocino con la exposicion del profesor de Ceramica Gary Medina, tras su regreso al plantel escolar el profesor decidio mostrarnos algunos de sus trabajos en ceramica. En la exposicion se puede observar la variedad de color y disenos que este desarrolla, como por ejemplo teteras, platos y candelabros.

La exposicion estara siendo presentada hasta Deciembre 12 los dias Martes, Miercoles y Jueves de 4 a 6 p.m. Los que esten interesados en verla pueden asisitir a la Galeria de Arte en la escuela. El dinero que se racuade ira al M.C. Ceramic Club Scholarship Fund y al M.C. Faculty Association.

Por, Fiorella Pissani

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