By Chester Collins

Hello, and welcome tothe last Eagle issue of the Fall Semester. The rain is here and the leaves are falling. Yep, the sun is almost half way gone. Don't worry folks, Mother Nature still loves you. It will be cold and barren for a couple of months but when spring comes a swingin' you can expect another issue of the Eagle to brighten your academic week and inform you about your blooming school.

What's in this issue?
This issue covers the November Elections while the Eco-Club gives us an update with their Eco-news section. Movie reviews and Meditation with Niko give us entertainment and enlightenment. The Eagle interviews Lillian Brown our new Journalism Instructor, the Ag department cuts the ribbon to the new California Garden Project and more. Make sure to check out Question Man on page 18-19 where we ask you what you want at your college!

What's happening with the Newspaper next Spring?
The newspaper will be given new life with two Journalism classes that have been put together by the English Department. One class is "Writing for the Mass Media." The other is a Journalism production class where some of the newspaper production will happen. We hope people will sign up for these classes to make the newspaper an even more creative endeavor.
I am looking forward to working with the new part-time instructor Lillian Brown who will be teaching these two classes.

What is happening with the "Controversy"?
The controversy about hiring practices, misallocated funds, and lack of vision still exists, but with editor, Marya Legrand, gone, so is the coal behind the steam engine that kept this investigation alive on these pages. If you want more, tell us, or better still, take up the pen and write a piece for our paper.
Tony Latronica has requested we print the results of the Investigation in it's entirety when it is made available.

Mendo's Future "For Sale"
Mendocino College's Foundation acquired quite a bit of land but is now selling it. I was interested so I called a local real estate broker I knew to ask him about what he thought of the 1,800 acres of Yokayo Heights property. He said he thought it was strange they planned to sell most of it, because the property would be very valuable to the college's future and would only go up in value.

I then called the real estate broker who was actually selling the parcels for the Foundation. He set my figures straight that I had gotten and told me he thought "The world would be a better place if people minded there own business." I assume he wasn't referring to me but to some of the "trouble makers" here on campus and in the community. I wonder what he would think of our college's Eco-club?

The Eco-club is one of the most active clubs on campus; They are involved with trying to preserve the land for educational purposes, future growth and nature/wildlife preservation.

I also talked with the President of the Foundation Mark DeMeulenaere, he said "we are opened to listening to peoples ideas, it doesn't mean we are necessarily going to do them. We are obviously going to move forward in ways we feel prudent." He said they plan to sell 60% of the land.

What's it like to be an Editor and to work on the Eagle Newspaper?
Working on our newspaper here is quite a project: Running around campus, attending meetings, phone calls, but most of all page layout! Hooray! The unsung work of our newspaper is all the time that is spent on layout and desktop publishing.

That's part of the reason I am in this position right now. I have a good grasp of the programs we use to make the newspaper. The other is that I have time. I recently got back from Central America and have enrolled in a few late-start classes. Next semester I plan to enroll in a full load including the two Journalism classes.

One of the more interesting parts for me about working on the newspaper is getting to know the people around campus. One of my favorite visits I made was my first visit to Ehmann's office where Gwen, the secretary gave me a piece of pumpkin pie and made me feel at home.

Other days here at the Eagle it's just April Pack (writer and production assistant) and occasional staff writers passing through. Sometimes if we are in the mood, April and I do a little line dancing. So you see it's not all that boring or serious around here all the time.

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