Eagle Questionaire, May 1997

How do you think Mendocino College can best serve our community?

Respondent # 1
by continuing to combat ignorance in an area that seems fraught with it...

Respondent # 2
"Quality" - which M.C. falls short of: in the areas of student services (tutoring, food, handicapped), and and quality of teachers (do they adjust their teaching to assumed lower levels of intelligence in junior college students? many don't seem to care about preparing, others are just incompetent)

Respondent # 3
By encouraging public particpation and responding to public and students educational needs ----

Respondent # 4
By providing both transfer students and others, classes that will enrich the communtiy and provide stimulation to their intellectual and creative needs.

Respondent # 5
Focus on creating an environment where critical thinking and creativity can grow. Even ideas we don't agree with should be allowed. The focus should be on the best learning environment for the students, not on who's right or wrong.

Respondent # 6
By giving people an affordable, and useful education without going to Chico or Santa Rosa.

Respondent # 7
To teach their students well enough that they have real college educations, also to have better programs to help the disabled, and allow studentsto receive better educations on their personal levels of learning.

Respondent # 8
M.C. should provide A.A. transfer, vocational and avocational courses. Participation in community and providing community services of art, theater, dance, debate, job fair, etc. is vital!

Respondent # 9
I think Mendo could best serve our community by concentrating on education and meeting the students needs instead of personal politics.

Respondent # 10
To provide what the students and general public want.

Respondent # 11
Maybe by making the least amount of controversy.This is just a school. For the students its not the real world. Just try not to make waves.

Respondent # 12
Staying positive, and getting a lot of feedback from people in the entire community.

Respondent # 13
By giving its students the best education possible.

Respondent # 14
By providing education to those who want it, with classes which reach all types.

Respondent # 15
By being honest now that everyone knows.

Respondent # 16
No answer.

Respondent # 17
By educating people: This issue only detracts from MCC's ability to do just that - this stuff has to be handled in a more professional way, putting the emphasis on getting it finished rather than dragging it through the mud by using yellow journalism to cover it.

Respondent # 18
By being a Community college. It should do what's best for the community.

Respondent # 19
By getting rid of the Eagle staff and reviewing who the real bad guys are! Get back to realizing that the students are important!

Respondent # 20
By getting the facts straight and not being bias(ed) about subjects that effect Mendo College or the Community.

Respondent # 21
This school needs to develop methods of increasing funding for programs. Whether through public or private avenues, this school must modernize for the 21st century.

Respondent # 22
The newspaper should not act like a tabloid.

Respondent # 23
But, why even ask these questions? The only relevant one is #4

Respondent # 24
I feel the college is diong a great job right now. Yet the newspaper needs to act and write in a professional way instead of exploiting like a tabloid.

Respondent # 25
Being fair and honest, offering good classes w/ qualified, enthusiastic teachers.

Respondent # 26
Have a more open policy, respect camplaints and suggestions for a better way to do things, not fire employees for bringing up good points.

Respondent # 27
I find this question far too general to answer.

Respondent # 30
Be more open, reduce the Athletic Dept, increase the rest.

Respondent # 31
We can best serve our community by not doing our "dirty laundry" in public, and be remembering why we are here- to educate students, not to entertain the community with internal disputes made public so that it looks like another episode of "Dallas" or some other such "soap opera."

Respondent # 32
By being open to: all people, new ideas, and serving as a model of problem resolution - which does not mean sweeping things under the rug (dnial) , or forgetting to show our appreciation for those who came before us.

Respondent # 33
MCC needs to focus on teaching and keeping college level standards. Too many students are entering MCC without the ability to read or write; this is a constant complaint from full and part-time faculty. High schools need to be notified that they are passing students that should have failed, and then are passing the problems to us.

Respondent # 34
Have a vision of the growth industries of the area, then offer the opportunities for students to become educated to fill these opportunities: Computer Sciences, Police Sciences, Nursing, Elder Care, Agriculture, ?

Respondent # 35
By being a place for life long learning, transfer, ed, technical ed, vocational, community extension and we're open, critical thinking is engouraged. A learning center that reaches out to the community and adapts to community needs over the decades ahead.

Respondent # 36
Mendocino College can best serve our community by serving our community, who are the students, what are their needs and interests? Good teachers and administrators must be rewarded and encouraged.

Respondent # 37
Mendocino College can best serve our community by expanding and offering equal gender courses. (Sports specifically) Women in this community are denied progress; their athletic dreams are ended after high school.

Respondent # 38
I feel Susan Bell deserves a written apology, as well the students and staff at Mendocino College.

Respondent # 39
No answer.

Respondent # 40
No answer.

Respondent # 41
Be truthful and follow the criteria set by the state and federal laws.

Respondent # 42
We can serve the community better by letting the administration know we know what's going on, and also that we want education to come first. That is how Mendocino College can serve our community.

Respondent # 43
Employ good individuals who actually care and get involved (key word) with students and faculty.

Respondent # 44
The College can serve our community by offering the courses needed to : a) transfer to a university b) get a job in this community. The Eagle can serve the community by acting like a real newspaper and not a 6th grade slam fest.

Respondent # 45

Respondent # 46
By serving the community.

Respondent # 47
By fulfilling our mission to provide opportunities for learning.

Respondent # 48
No answer.

Respondent # 49
Mendocino College can best serve our community as a center for cultural and intellectual diversity. Hopefully more and more of our community will recognize the educational value our institution provides.

Respondent # 50
Fokin Mexican.

Respondent # 51
Offer moer computer classes that are involved with the art end of business, not just WP/typing and office proceedures.

5Respondent # 2
Honor their commitment to faculty and students. All people are important and should be treated accordingly.

Respondent # 53
By paying more attention to seniors, returnee, night classes and part timers.

Respondent # 54
By actively seeking the ideas of the community and responding to them. By hiring deans of Susan Bell's energy, creativity, dedication and ability to interact with a broad section of the community.

Respondent # 55
By being open and honest and up front about what goes on in the board room. The community itself will lose interest if they aren't. Just take a look at any government: the public looses interest when we don't know what's going on.

Respondent # 56
By offering courses which will attract various segments of the community who are seeking to improve skills for employment and self improvement, including courses in the arts. to

Respondent # 57
Keep up with the times Develop an interest in their students ( without them there would be no jobs)

Respondent # 58
Having an active student and community component in school affairs - i.e. having control of the budget, and hiring and firing, rather than the administrators (doing it) More funds put into the library than into sports. There are other sports fields and teams in the county But the only decent research libraries are in the Bay Area. Certainly a public hookup to the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian.

Respondent # 59
By being open about everything - But I'm an idealist.

Respondent # 60
Focus on student needs rather than personality issues.

Respondent # 61
Bringing all issues in the open and letting everyone speak out. The Board must garantie (sic) there will be no retribution for speaking out FREE SPEECH RULES!

Respondent # 62
Get back to teaching and try to work as a team. We're all here to teach and help others learn. Drop petty agendas and do it.

Respondent # 63
Providing opportunities for students

Respondent # 64
By serving the STUDENTS by providing the best possible services and staff to ALL who attend.

Respondent # 65
I think its doing a pretty good job so far.

Respondent # 66
I think Susan Bell's contract as Dean should be renewed immediately. She provides the college with a breath of fresh air of integrity and innovation.

Respondent # 67
By paying more attention to students and stop being so afraid. Comments for Eagle": Keep up the good work - you're the only source of info people can trust."

Respondent # 68
Being more open and honest

Respondent # 69
More outreach and culture. Comment to the Eagle: "Keep telling the truth"

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