Eagle Questionaire, May 1997

What Do You Think the Controversy is About?

Respondent # 1
1) The whistle having been blown on Carl and his abuse of the power allowed with his subsequent attack on Susan, the whistle blower.

Respondent # 2
1) Specifically, about allegations made by Dean Bell regarding policies and administative actions of Prez Ehman. In general, it's indicative of this Administration's lack of attention or concern with making this a great institution. They're appearently too busy with their interpersonal tiffs.

Respondent # 3
a) Issues raised by Dean Bell b) Admin. reaction to Dean Bell c) " " " Eagle (i.e. withdrawing use of College website)

Respondent # 4
I did not know anything about it. By the way - email is not the public. Not all of us have computers or email services. This does not mean that we are not part of the community or a lesser part of it.

Respondent # 5
A power struggle.

Respondent # 8
S.Bell's attempt to bring public knowledge to bear upon the problems she sees at M.C. The closed session, pre-empting method of hiring and funding needed to be examined publically.

Respondent # 10
A struggle for power within the administration:people who want growth and progress, and the feet draggers.

Respondent # 11
I don't know much about this before seeing this.

Respondent # 12
The recent controversy is over SusanBell and the equal opportunity with the secretary.

Respondent # 14
I don't know much about it. I heard that Susan Bell was fired because of her reporting illegal hirings last fall. Otherwise I don't really know.

Respondent # 15
I know very little about the controversy.

Respondent # 17
A very sad person seeking retribution for a "bad review" and a missed promotion. It's also about a small town wishing they were all more important than they are.

Respondent # 18
From what I've heard, it involves illegal hiring.

Respondent # 19
I hope it can be resolved!

Respondent # 20
I don't get caught up in something that should be kept between the school board and it's members.

Respondent # 21
The controversy involves Susan Bell and her accusations against the administration and Dr. Ehmann. The accusations include: misuse of public funds, illegal hiring practices, and etc. Also, Susan Bell complained to the trustees about letters of reprimand in her file.

Respondent # 22
These questions (1-3) are irrelevant. How can you ask people at school who don't know the first thing about this controversy - but may think they do - these questions? There is no reason to even send these questionaires out. I am disgusted with the quality of the Eagle newspaper and would think that as adults we would be able to print the truth about things in a reasonable and professional way. If Susan Bell cannot do her job up to par - then she should not be rehired. Also, if the supposed illegal hiring practices did occur, let's just get down to it and stop being petty and immature. Thank you.

Respondent # 23
The illegal hiring of staff and misallocation of funds.

Respondent # 24
I feel this survey is not relevant to the controversy. Just because someone doesn't get what they want, there is no need to throw a temper tantrum and try to hurt other people.

Respondent # 25
Alleged illegal hiring practices " misuse of state funds on the part of the administration

Respondent # 26
Abuse of administrative power, hiring practices, getting some answers

Respondent # 27
Power - How decisions are made.

Respondent # 28
Commented on the survey which was apparently handed out in class. Respondent said: It is very inappropriate for any instructor to bring this into the classroom, especially when it is not rlated to the subject being taught. Perhaps the Eagle could post personnel at all the main doors and hand them out over a specified period of time, or perhaps Eagle personell could man a table in the Quad to set the surveys out to people who wish to participate.

Respondent # 29
Enough Already!

Respondent # 30

Respondent # 31
While there might be several responses to this question, I am assuming you mean the controversy between Susan Bell and the District over her evaluation and the various charges she has made against the Mendocino college administration. this "controversy" was an issue priour to Mrs. Bell's negative evaluation according to the accusations. The date of the alleged mismanagement happened more than a year before she barought her charges. Why didn't she come forward at that time? Why did she wait until the District decided not to renew her contract? It sounds to me like a "smokescreen" issue to cloud the fact that she was not rehired! So I would say the issue is or the controversy is over not being rehired.

Respondent # 32
The "good ole boys" who are used to running Mendocino College in "The Great White Way" - getting rid of a woman (Ms Bell) who is trying to bring integrity to the campus.

Respondent # 33
Some of the administration (and most specifically Carl Ehmann) are scapegoating Susan Bell, to cover up their own inadequacies and dirty dealings. No one ever likes the child in the crowd (in this case, Susan Bell) who dares to announce the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

Respondent # 34
An employee of the college made a number of allegations about hiring practices and mismanagement of the college, but nothing was ever looked into. Then the employee finally caught the ear of the public.

Respondent # 35
Abuse of executive power.

Respondent # 36
Misappropriation of funds, illegal hiring practices, general atmosphere of fear and intimidation, all stemming from administration practices which have been unsupervised and unchecked.

Respondent # 37
The controversey is about the missuse of funding by an inside source.

Respondent # 38
I think our schools controversy is about misappropriating funds, illegal hiring, and gender discrimination regarding sports facillities. Also, most of all this controversy is about a person caring abouty a school and not being stood up for.

Respondent # 39
The Susan Bell incident. The illegalities that go with it.

Respondent # 40
Susan Bell incident - illegalities.

Respondent # 41
Respondent # Susan Bell incident and illegalities that go along with it.

Respondent # 42
Where to begin... The Susan bell controversy, the Title 9 controversy, the Admin. hiring practices can we say (Good ole' boy?)

Respondent # 43
Bad management. Poor budgeting. No purchase orders. Where's the funds?

Respondent # 44
I believe the controversy started out about hiring practices but has become the Eagle's staff getting their feelings hurt and retaliating in a malicious way.

Respondent # 45
Allegations of incorrect use of funding, questionable hiring practices, and one administrator's perforance evaluations.

Respondent # 46

Respondent # 47
Dissatisfaction on personal expectations and outcomes.

Respondent # 48
(sent us a blank form)

Respondent # 49
I believe this controversy is primarily a political maneuver by supporters of Dean Bell designed to help her preserve her job at Mendocino College. If the cam make her appear righteously indignant and if they can show that her indignation is the DIRECT cause of her contract not being renewed then , it is my opinion, They believe they can force the board to renew her contract. The issues Dean Bell brought up in her letter to the Board, while serious, are technical in nature and would NOT NORMALLY merit a two line entry in the back page of the newspaper.

Respondent # 50
Yo pienso que esto no me interesa okey. !No jodan!

Respondent # 51
Eagle newspaper staff just get over it.

Respondent # 52
Competition between faculty members.

Respondent # 53
Power Discrimination Different methods of working

Respondent # 54
I believe that the President and some other administrators are doing a poor job of managing the College. They are attempting "Command and Control" and are being called on it by Susan Bell and now the community.

Respondent # 55
I think that it's a good thing that someone is keeping their eye on what's been going on with the Funds and things. It's always good to have someone on the "inside" watching.

Respondent # 56
Someone was trying to do a conscientious job and found she had to buck the System to do it. I think it's about the "old boy" Syndrome and the refusal of some people to realize that a woman can have good ideas and leadership.

Respondent # 57
Lack of communication Disgruntled employees Manipulative administration

Respondent # 58
Old style patriarchs unwilling tto give up power - improper use of institutional policies. Lack of ability to use and accept democratic princilpes, and a lack of respect.

Respondent # 59
Bell questioned the hiring practices and was being unfairly reprimanded

Respondent # 60
A few people with big grudges are trying to get back at the college

Respondent # 61
Power and control issues. Ehman, Vasconcellos, ..., ..., want to do things their way and the rules be damned! Suppress/fire anyone who dares to oppose them.

Respondent # 62
It's about an administrator who got a bad evaluation and is trying to point the finger elsewhere

Respondent # 63
An employee who doesn't like her evaluation

Respondent # 64
I'm well informed of the situation - both sides

Respondent # 65
HIRING POLICES = POLITICS. / Misappropriation offunds / Courage on the part of staff willing to speak up

Respondent # 66
A courageous administrator, Susan Bell, raising important questions and other administrators trying to silence her.

Respondent # 67
Poor leadership.

Respondent # 68
That Susan Bell is a woman who dares to speak out

Respondent # 69
What a community college should be doing.

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