Eagle Questionaire, May 1997

QUESTION 2 and 3:
Do you think that the controversy is good or bad for Mendocino College? Why do you feel that way?

Respondent # 1
In part, it is good that these abuses of power by our adminisrtation are being brought to light, but division among the ranks is never a good thing. Why? Because I'm young and idealistic!

Respondent # 2
2) Good.

Respondent # 3
a) May be negative in the short run - neg. public perception, conflict among staff. b) Good in the long run. Make College more open, more responsive to the community and students. Keeps Board and Admin. in check. Why? This is a public institution and should be open to public scrutiny. Controversy opens issues to discussion.

Respondent # 4
No response: This respondent discussed how the survey was conducted, mistakenly assuming that is was only condeucted by email. Respndent did answer Question 1 and 4

Respondent #5:
Good. Controversy provides the opportunity for change

Respondent 6
No answer.

Respondent 7
No Answer

Respondent # 8
I believe it is good to the extent that there is reasonable and open discussion. When either side is able to comandeer the forum and limit the information to their liking, no one is served. Animosity is the only result.

Respndent 9
No Answer.

Respondent # 10
The controversy is good if positive changes occur. The feet draggers have been in charge for too long and the students and public need to rule this school.

Respondent # 11
If the allegations are true I guess it's good but if they are false, then they have no business spreading the rumors around campus, dividing everyone.

Respondent # 12
It is good because we all as people need to address certain issues (such) as this one. The reason why I feel this way because certain issues that deal with social welfare and develpoment of people should be discussed.

Respondent 13
No answer.

Respondent # 14
I can't imagine it being good, since she (S.B.) was fired for being honest.

Respondent # 15
I think it is good for Susan Bell to ask questions and see if something is wrong, but someone has to say if something is wrong but most people don't.

Respndent 16
No answer

Respondent # 17
I don't believe it's good: it wouldn't have been bad if the Eagle hadn't done such an unprofessional job with the covering of the issue. Because I've forgotten more about journalism than anyone on your staff can seem to remember.

Respondent # 18
Good, people need to bicker.

Respondent # 19
Good and bad depending on what intentions the media has!

Respondent # 20
I don't think it's good or bad. I don't want to get involved. Because I think that we, as a community college, shouldn't drag anyone through the mud the way the Eagle has.

Respondent # 21
The controversy @ M.C. does not enhance a positive image of the school. For obvious reasons, it shows a sign of weakness from the administration. Strife and discontent with the rank-and-file does not aid the bleak situation.

Respondent # 23
I think it's good because hopefully things such as these won't happen again. Students are here to leaarn and they pay lots of money to do so, i.e. books, tuition. We expect to be treated fairly, honetly, and with respect.

Respondent # 24
This is a college where young adults and older adults work and learn. When you hear the word "adult" you usually think of someone mature and responsible.So on that note, let's start acting like adults instead of 2 year olds.

Respondent # 25
Good, in many respects, because it's good to question authority, and if the entire thing turns out to bo untrue and the administration has done nothing wrong, it will still be a good thing because they will have dealt with it.

Respondent # 26
Definitively good. (Great job Eagle staff and THANKS - keep it up.) The truth of what people are made of is coming out.

Respondent # 27
Basically good. I don't like a lot of things going on behind closed doors.

Respondent 28
No answer

Respondent # 30
Good. Stirs up the community.

Respondent # 31
I believe the "negative" publicity the college has received has damaged Mendocino College's reputation and credibility in the community. And I believe the group behind this controversy only cares about their agendas and could "careless" about Mendocino College, its programs, its students, and its faculty or its reputation. I also feel that the Eagle staff probably has an "axe to grind" with the college administration over funding and Web page issues that might "color" how they examine, respond and survey the controversy. I would be only natural for individual groups to have their own agendas (including the Eagle staff). That is the way politics are carried out in Mendocino County. You see it at the County and City level, and now you can see it here. The reality is President Carl Ehmann is the best administrator this college has had in its 24 year history, and this attempt to smear his job performance is a "thinly veiled" act to gain political advantage with the Board of Trustees in order to meet the goals of a small ego-centered group who do not have the college's best interest at heart. Look past the rhetoric of the complaints and this is simply an attempt to save one person's job at the expense of the reputation of an entire administration. The Eagle's job is to report this story objectively and without "glee" at termoil. I hope you can do that! If you have an agenda (Web page, additional funding, etc.), deal with those problems in future issues Don't cloud your reporting with your own hidden agendas.

Respondent # 32
Good, bad, what does the truth mean? The truth is good. Equal rights are good. To remain silent is bad. Is this a college or what? Because this is a college and controversy is part of a good education. Dialogue, argument, and the process are fundamental to education.

Respondent # 33
The controversy will be good for Mendocino College only if improvements are made at the high administration level. If Ms. Bell is dismissed and the President's office prevails, Medocino College will degenerate into an arena for continued political bullying and honesty, and the educational focus of the college will keep degenerating with it. I am a part-time instructor who has had nothing but excellant dealings with Susan Bell, and nothing but negative dealings with Phil Hartley, who is totally unresponsive to students and instructors.

Respondent # 34
Both. Good - if there is mismanagement it needs to be corrected and correct policies instiuted, then the public can have confidence in the institution again. Bad - publicity is not good. If the allegations are true there are some real problems in the administration and the rubber stamp Board of Trustees. The Board needs to be directing the Administration, not the Administration directing the Board.

Respondent # 35
Mendocino College will come out of this a better institution by far. Why? Because the community, the public is finally involved in their "ownership" function.

Respondent # 36
Good. Change is needed. The administration and Board of Trustees must learn where their duties and loyalties should lie and change policies accordingly. Also, the community needs to learn that you cannot close your eyes and hope that all is well.

Respondent # 37
I believe that good or bad is not an issue. I feel this way because the issue isn't good or bad, it's right from wrong. It was a criminal act, not a public relations statement.

Respondent # 38
I feel any controversy is bad for a college, but I recognize this as an eye opener, and as long as our problems become remedied as a result, I then would feel this is a positive controversy. I feel this way because of the weight of the problems we are having. They need to be heard regardless of the reputation of the school. In the end this will be the reputation of our school.

Respondent # 39
Good. It makes people more aware of the school.

4Respondent # 40
Depends on what is going on. Because it's the way things go

Respondent # 41
Bad publicity is not good in any situation, but if something is done about the problem then that's good. It's a problem and we shuld follow not individual attidues or feelings.

Respondent # 42
This is bad. This place is supposed to be for our education, not pocket lining for our President and Vice President. Can we say misappropriation of funds? The negative publicity this has caused, and is causing, will ultimately harm our students.

Respondent # 43
Poor administration does not mean [a] bad college. Higher-ups tend to think of themselves, especially [those] with good annual incomes.

Respondent # 44
Bringing the truth out about shady hiring practices is good. Being vengeful and mean-spirited is extremely poor taste on the Eagle's part. When reading the Eagle Extra I felt the Eagle staff was trying to uncover mistakes mde by the administration. Good job. But when reading the latest issue of the Eagle, (March 1997 - ed.) it was very obvious to me and my friends that the writers on the Eagle's staff, especially Russ Emal were pissed off because their feelings got hurt, and and were reacting in a childish manner. Instead of reporting that the Eagle office got cut off from the College's web site, you reported (alleged?) that the "Evil Administration" had thoroughly abused the "Poor, Helpless Eagle Staff" by maliciously cutting them off from their rightly earned property. (Can you detect the sarcasm here?) Get a grip and grow up. We students want to read information, not childish retaliation.

Respondent # 45

4Respondent # 46
Good. Blind faith in the powers that be eventually leads to passvity and ignorance (and zombies). A college is a place where people should be able to discuss ideas and controversies, and employees should be able to voice their concerns without fear of retribution, or being ingored or patronized.

Respondent # 47
It depends on what is meant by "good or bad" and the intent of the ones initiating the controversy. I believe controversy is a way of life; a way of voicing or acting out uncomfortable feelings or incongruent expectations. Mendocino College will survive, it has in the past, and it will in the future. Is it sad to me that the energy and resources of the college and the community are being used to such a large extent in this "controversy" Whether I believe the 'controversy' is good or bad for the college has no relevance. Even as a public entity, the laws of the country are also our avenues for the proper referal and process of the issuesthat we are currently addressing. The questions of right or wrong actions belong in the courts if the informal process has not been satisfactory. Whistleblowing, while seeming to be a negative term, actually protects those who blow the whistle and puts the charges into the proper, legal forum. What's going on here is an inappropriate use of our time, energy, and resources. Should of been sent to court.

Respondent # 49
Controversy SHOULD be the FOUNDATION of any educational institution! without controversy there can be no progress. The controversies generated by the great innovators throughout history have marked human intellectual progress. Jesus Christ was controversial. The American Revolutionary War was a result of controversy! Mendocino College can easily stand MUCH more substantial controversy than this.

Resondent 49
Constroversy should be the foundation of any educational institution. Without controversy, there can be no progress. The controversies generated by the great innovaors thoughout history have marked human intellectual progress. Jesus Christ was controversial. The American revolutionary war was a result of controversy. Mendocino College can easily withstand more substantial controversy than this.

Respondent # 50
Yo pienso que es una oagada.

Respondent # 51
Go on to other issues.

Respondent # 52
Our peers are not acting in a professional or appropriate manner. If certain faculty members get special tratment over others, what do we as students expect?

Respondent # 53
I think it makes life uncomfortable but in some instances it is unavoidable and could pormote change. I have found diff(erent) folks working together generally produces a better effect.

Respondent # 54
Yes! It is always good to have an institution reviewed. It is good to speak out for correcting mismanagement. It is good for the community to demand that the trustees hire high quality managers. We need a new college administration. We can get that with a new board of trustees.

Respondent # 55
Who cares if it's good or bad. These things need to come out in the open and be taken care of. It's just always a good idea to listen when some(one) crys wolf.

Respondent # 56
Good - a chance to re-evaluate the goals, how students and potential students are affected, how the college serves the community. It is always good to look at how we are doing our jobs and whether we are meeting the needs. I fel the administration can get in a rut and be closed to a variety of ways to accomplish a goal.

Respondent # 57

Respondent # 58
Ultimately good. I think institutions, in order to be viable, must change with the social environment, be responsive to it, and also to explore new visions in freedom... or the institution, and our society, will lose its vitality further.

Respondent # 59
VERY BAD. It makes all involved parties untrustworthy. It makes us question the motives of everyone. It makes all involved parties untrustworthy. It makes us qustion the motives of everyone.

Respondent # 60
Bad. The college is trying to earn a good reputation and a few people are trying to pull it down. Because most people at the college are happy with the administration and what the college is doing. Too much attention is being given to those who are negative.

Respondent # 61
Good that the issues are coming into the open (hope they all do). Bad that these issues exist. (Good, because) hidden, behind the scenes power games and deceit are always destructive.

Respondent # 62
Bad. It undermines all that is good about the college.

Respondent # 63
Bad - unless the controversy gets out of the media. The media just keeps stirring up the trouble.Disturbs operation of college and education of students. .Disturbs operation of college and education of students.

Respondent # 64
Both, good it came "out of the closet" but bad because it has been drawn out excessively - SETTLE THE ISSUES.I'm weary of the tension - I heard laughter in the "cell block" the other day and it actually lifted my spirits - It made me "realize" just how tense things are. Personalities will always clash, but I think the joy of doing your job has been drained off like last year's floods - They came in a rush, but the damage is devastating! I love my job, I would really like to have some peace of mind - The staff is now divided - One side against the other. Either way it has created damage (in some cases) beyond repair - This to me is terribly sad - P.S. Thanks for the questionaire

Respondent # 65
I think it's good!
Controversy means people are paying attention and are involved and engaged in their college!It lets me know we have conscious, aware staff and student body with integrity and honorable principles.

Respondent # 66
No answer.

Respondent # 67
Very good.The college is years behind what the job market demands.

Respondent # 68
Very good - people need to know. (Because) I'm tired of sexist jokes by one of my instructors and not getting any help from the administration.

Respondent # 69
I think its good. (Because) As an Native Am. the school doesn't try hard to help me.

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