Opinion Survey Concerning
the "Controversy" at Mendocino College

During the spring semester, the EAGLE distributed a survey about the controversy at the college.

(If you want to read what the EAGLE has already published about the controversy, you might want to start with the EAGLE EXTRA, published in November, 1996.)

There were four questions (below). We received 69 responses. One of the responses, from Neill Bell, was long enough to be treated as a separate article. Marya Legrand, our editor, also felt that Bell's remarkably frank response deserved special treatment in view of his relationship (husband) to Susan Bell.

In most cases the respondents did not give their name, and we do not know how many are students, faculty, staff, administration or community folks. However the vast majority were filled out and returned to us on campus.

Of the 67 responses we tallied, 43% felt that the controversy was good for the college, while 18% felt it was clearly negative. 15% felt it was both good and bad.

The survey did not ask directly what the respondents felt about the work of the Eagle, but we assume that the 43%who said the controversy is good for the college, also approve of the Eagle's role in bringing out that controversy. In fact only 5 respondents (7%) actually made any overt negative comment about the Eagle. Not bad for the messenger of discontent.

Here is the preamble to the Questionnaire as it was seen by the respondents.


The Mendocino College Eagle wants to hear from students, faculty, employees, and the public about the serious questions about administrative conduct at the College that have been raised in the past six months by Dean Susan Bell and others. Please see the May 1997 issue of the Eagle for an update on the controversy.

Please answer the following questions, and/or include any other remarks on the subject. We may quote from these submissions, but we will not make public anyone's name if requested not to. In fact, no signature is required if you don't want to include it.

QUESTIONS (with links to collected answers)

1. What do you think the controversy is about?

2 and 3. (combined for easier reading)
Do you think that the controversy is good or bad for Mendocino College?
Why do you feel that way?

4. How do you think Mendocino College can best serve our community?


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